BBB23: Bruna Griphao de Conduru?  Fans criticize “new” Carla Diaz.  Understand!   The Fuxico

BBB23: Bruna Griphao de Conduru? Fans criticize “new” Carla Diaz. Understand! The Fuxico

The name of Carla Diaz rocked Twitter’s trending topics this Friday, January 20th. And it wasn’t about her relationship with Bruno Becari or new work. The exsister was reminded of several tense moments in the current edition of the reality show.

This thanks Bruna Griphao, who won the leader’s first race, held in doubles with Larissa. After the win, netizens pointed out that both she and The Clone’s eternal Kadija made bad choices due to their respective pairs in the game.

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Just like Carla got involved with Arthur Picoli, Bruna got involved with Gabriel Tavares. With the test win, the actress said Gabriel was “as leading as” she was.

By agreeing that the former picket anita is targeted to get votes, Gripping He said he had to protect the boy. Larissa had a different opinion and the first argument broke out between them. As much as the revolt of Internet users.

“Bruna is like Carla Diaz who gets lost for a man who has average beauty and nothing else”; said a follower. “Daughter of Marcela with Carla Diaz,” pointed out another, referring to the midwife who was criticized for her romance with Daniel on BBB 20.

Who is Carla Diaz who took another month to sink near Bruna Griphao who only took 3 days #bbb23— ؘ (@fairysstpia) January 19, 2023

The chatter grew and grew out of control Larissa She even said the actress accused her of lying to her fred and gabriel, who were in the room: “You can stay in your room, congratulations, enjoy your room,” the personal trainer tearfully said, while Bruna said she was “acting.”

So will we eliminate Gabriel on Tuesday? I want to see if Bruna Griphao wakes up afterwards. We don’t want Carla Diaz 2 #BBB23— Elyézer (@elyezerhoffmann) January 20, 2023

BBB23 Bruna Griphao de Conduru Fans criticize new Carla Diaz

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