BBB23: Boninho scolds brothers for talking too much

BBB23: Boninho scolds brothers for talking too much

The Big Boss scolding has already begun at BBB23. The attendees were discussing some of the announcements the production is making when Boninho showed up to deliver a different message. This time to warn that this should not happen, meaning they cannot comment on any information that is given.

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While Sapato Face and Amanda, Domitila and Cezar were talking about the alarms, the voice suddenly appeared, telling them to change the subject.

“Caution: Gentlemen, conversations continue and end the moment we speak. Another story to follow from there, thank you very much. Gentlemen, we speak, you listen, erase and follow the story,” the boss said.

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Domitila quickly analyzed the information: “In short, they told us to shut up”. Turning into children, that was it.

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This Wednesday, January 18, contestants won two gifts: Anitta’s show at the first reality party and another related to the game. From now on, they no longer need to be chained together.

In this way, each member of the pairs can go their own way in the game without necessarily having their partner by their side. However, this can have serious consequences. That’s because some of them might have disagreements when it comes to voting. The first week of the game really promises a lot.

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In a Manu Gavassi atmosphere at BBB20, the brothers and sisters choreographed the show’s title song in the best TikTok manner. Ahead of Anitta’s party that night this Wednesday, January 18th, they gathered in the living room to rehearse how they would do this dance.

Under Fred’s command, a group of participants rehearsed the first steps of what became the season’s official dance to the song. They just didn’t expect to practice any other version. This year the BBB gave Paulo Ricardo’s music a new look. In a mix of rock and funk, the rhythm is full of beats and rather choreographically conducive.


It has to be said that Manu Gavassi has been pioneering many functions of the BBB since celebrities started participating in the program. For example, the traditional choreography of Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”. The viral became such a phenomenon that even the British artist appeared in the program.

Since then, a “model” of reality has emerged: dances, memes, emojis, and even concerted effort and celebrity cheering have become essential features to persuade the public. The BBB23 choreography has arrived.

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BBB23 Boninho scolds brothers for talking too much

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