BBB: When Gabriel finds out Anitta hardly knows him, the fall will hurt  Splash

BBB: When Gabriel finds out Anitta hardly knows him, the fall will hurt Splash

*By Splash staff

Columnist Aline Ramos believes Gabriel Tavares’ disappointment will be great to learn Anitta said she knows him “less than you think”.

The singer recorded a video just before she took the BBB23 stage yesterday (18), at the edition’s first party, in which she refused to be near her brother.

It will hurt if he falls. That’s the problem when our ego flies high. When Gabriel sees the video of Anitta saying he barely knows him, that little heart gets hurt.

On the other hand, this Thursday afternoon, the Glass House winner shared with the brothers a moment he had spent with the powerful woman when they met.

“She cheats a lot. When we met, we sat on a couch in the dressing room and I was embarrassed. Because she had two cell phones. Then she texted in Spanish, solved BO, she texted in Portuguese. Then she twirled to me and said, ‘And you, what are you doing?'” recalled Gabriel, who made his colleagues from prison laugh.

Lucas Pasin: Competitive, Bruna Griphao and Key Alves can clash live at BBB 23

Columnist Lucas Pasin reckons Bruna Griphao and Key Alves could star in BBB 23’s biggest rivalry. The sisters had a conversation in the house’s pool today, during which the athlete said she had nothing against the actress, despite betraying her on her back.

Bruna’s always trying to get things straight and Key’s behavior behind her back guarantees the best rivalry of the season.

For the columnist, the two parties involved have strong qualities that can easily lead to clashes.

Both are good racers and engaged in the first race. They are competitive and I hope there will be a strong fight between them.

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