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BBB runnerup recalls staying with Pedro Bial: ‘I love a crown’

Pedro Bial
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01/28/2023 17:24

participants of BBB 8, Gyselle Soares came second after winning 49.85% of the vote in the 2008 reality show finale. With only a 0.15% difference, Rafinha Ribeiro won with 50.15% of the vote and took home the prize, which was valued at R$1 million at the time.

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A few years after production, however, Gyselle remained Pedro Bial, who ruled the format until 2016. “I didn’t have an affair with him. I would have liked to have an affair because I love an old man. Don’t bet on me, right? I don’t need it,’ guaranteed the Piauí woman in an interview with Bafos do Uriel, YouTube channel.

‘Because the crown has another conversation, already has experience, has this content … We kissed and stuff. He was separated at the time and I came from Paris in 2012,” explained the modelactress.

It is worth noting that Gyselle recently received a new look to play the singer Wanderla in the theater. “I feel amazing, I’ve never made such a radical change! It’s an honor to play Wanderla in the musical,” the star told Gshow.


This BBB runnerup recalls his stint with Pedro Bial: “I love a crown” was first released on Observatório da TV.