BBB 23: understand the first bullshit of the issue between Bruna Griphao and Larissa  tracklist

BBB 23: understand the first bullshit of the issue between Bruna Griphao and Larissa tracklist

Habemus crisis in the reign of BBB 23! Since dawn this Friday (20th), the climate has been among the leaders Bruna Griphao and Larissa It’s kinda weird. However, it was this morning that the duo starred in the issue’s first bullshit.

The discord between the matriarchs of the house began after a communication noise in the control center in the Leader’s Room allowing the room’s residents to see the game with audio unlocked with restrictedaccess tokens. While the actress believes so Gabriel Fop will be the goal of the Fundo do Mar room, the physical education teacher understood that MC Guime would be selected by the group for Paredão.

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Understand the first BBB 23 bullshit

At the surprise miniparty held this morning, Larissa said she was upset by Bruna’s behavior. The teacher pointed out that she feels marginalized and that the actress excludes her from some decisions. “I felt there with you. When I wanted to put them [Key e Gustavo] you didn’t want to go to Paredão. Now you keep saying “I’ll take it”. It’s what we decide and we haven’t decided yet. I’m talking about good, I’ve given you many things” he spoke.

The actress explained why she acted this way in relation to Paredão: “For me, it was what you wanted. I only said that because you wanted me to. Now I want. I thought, ‘Larissa was right and now I’m in it too’. It was I who was wrong.”

Larissa continued: “For me, you are my priority. am i already yours I don’t know because of Gabriel. Sometimes I want to talk and you don’t listen to me, but the boys do to what replied Bruno “You are, I give my word”.

After the party, Bruna, Larissa, fred [Desimpedidos] and Gabriel went to the leader’s room, where the actress explained that she considers the model to be the target of the nominations for the wall of the Quarto Fundo do Mar. Larissa disagreed: “Friend, so we saw different things and I’m going crazy! You spoke of Guime the whole time”, replied the teacher.

The confusion got worse when Bruna mentioned that she wanted to call the singer to confirm. “Will you let me speak or just speak?” asks the actress. “No, you can stay in your room there,” Larissa replies, leaving the room visibly annoyed.

After leaving the leader’s room, Teacher vented Bruno. “Bruna is on her way. In my opinion she is lying to Gabriel, which means that people have been talking bad about him. They weren’t, friend. We saw. I will not agree to a lie,” he said.

At the time Larissa cries and denies that Gabriel was mentioned in the conversation: “They started to persuade the boy that he’s on the straight, I said, ‘He may be on the straight but what we’ve seen , he wasn’t ‘. Fred and I got together and said, ‘Man, there was nothing.’ She said she would call Guimê because he saw it too.” Eventually he says to Bruno, “I think she said something to Gabriel, and I think she’s ashamed to say it wasn’t.”

Meanwhile, in the Leader’s Room, Bruna vented to Fred and Gabriel: “The one who came out and stood up and said I call her a liar was her. After that, if being rude is my thing, then that’s it. I held it up for a long time,” the sister said through tears.

sealed peace

After much screaming and crying, the leaders talked in the Desert Room in the presence of several other participants. The pair went over the fight again, venting about the points that bothered them the most. Finally peace was sealed.

“You are the most important person here for me. So much so that I cried my eyes out,” Bruna said. “I’m sorry, I felt bad, my friend,” Larissa replied.