BBB 23 Twin sister recalls fight with Key Alves in

BBB 23: Twin sister recalls ‘fight’ with Key Alves in volleyball and talks about dating Palmeiras player

The similarities between the twins Key Alves, participants of BBB 23 (Big Brother Brasil), and Keyt Alves extrapolate the physical characteristics: The two have chosen volleyball as a profession. In addition, the two “Baixinhas” acted as libero and fought for a place in the starting XI of the top three clubs they defended. In an interview with “O Globo,” Keyt recalled when she was her sister’s teammate.

We played together practically our whole life. We recently broke up. It’s been two or three years since we changed teams. During that time we played together, it was a competition all day long. It was the same position (Libero) but only one played. She was the starter, she served in that position for a long time. I switched to her who had more experience. So there was a fight, we took her inside, we fought, but the next day we were sisters again (laughs). When we started being opponents on the pitch, we didn’t fight anymore. Still a small feud, but much healthier. More of one winning and the other losing revealed.

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With the physical similarities and the same position on the pitch, the sisters had to live with comparisons their entire lives. For Keyt, this was a difficulty he had to contend with throughout his career.

What I heard most were comparisons. In a way, that made me very angry. I keep pushing the button that we are twins but everyone is one. We are totally different. Both personally and on the pitch. We have different styles of play he said.


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About ten months ago, Keyt Alves started dating Fabinho Freitas, a 20yearold player from Palmeiras. The first release with her boyfriend caused speculation about an engagement due to the existence of an alliance and the caption “a thousand times yes”, but the player clarified that they only assumed the relationship, which they had kept secret for months.

We were already dating secretly, we hadn’t put it on the internet for people to know. On New Year’s Eve we ended a relationship for eight, nine months. He officially asked me out on a date with a wedding ring. It wasn’t an engagement, no. It was just for us to explain. We did this (hide) because of the exhibition and because it’s very new. Sometimes you talk to a month and then it doesn’t work. Since he is also a soccer player, we preferred to preserve it a bit more. We know there are pros and cons to exposure to football players. And my sister is well known on social media. We’re careful,” he said.