1676378889 BBB 23 Paula asks Ricardo hot questions and MC Guime

BBB 23: Paula asks Ricardo “hot” questions and MC Guimê teases: "There are still people awake"


The former glazier didn’t mince words as she asked Alface some very intimate questions

Images: Playback/Rede Globo.Images: Playback/Rede Globo.

Dawn of this Tuesday (14th) was very busy among the Restricted BBB 23. after the discord game, Paula and Richardwho have been in a “romantic” mood since the former glass factory was walled in, played along in a “hot” moment of the show, but were interrupted by MC Guimê.

While sharing a bed, the inmates decided to ask some pretty daring questions. “What’s your favorite sex position?” Paula asked. “As you are, but from behind,” Alface replied. “So spooning?” she replied and received an affirmative answer.

> Playback/Speech Globo.

MC Guimê, lying on the ground next to them, interrupted the conversation, “provoked” them and laughed: “There are still people awake, see?”. “Guilherme, are you listening to our conversation?” Paula replied, amused. “I thought here in the greatest zen, what will this paredão be like? The question pops up out of nowhere,” the funk singer laughed.

After the relaxed moment, Paula Ricardo continued: “Now a very simple question: Do you like anal sex?”. “Piss off,” Alface replied. “And you, Guimê?” asked the prisoner. “I like it, you know?” Lexa’s husband replied without mincing his words.