1676386550 BBB 23 MC Guime says he thinks he is black

BBB 23: MC Guimê says he thinks he is black and Mano Brown replies on the internet: “DNA test


The brother, who is on paredão with Amanda, Bruno Gaga and Paula, caused a huge controversy

Photos: Playback/BBB/Gshow (left)  Instagram/Mano Brown (right)Photos: Playback/BBB/Gshow (left) Instagram/Mano Brown (right)

the funk singer MC Guimewhich one is in breakwater inside this week BBB 23He argued that although he is white, he considers himself black. The statement went viral on social media and reached Mano BraunShe was considered the “GOAT” of national rap: “I’m actually a bit embarrassed to speak because people can interpret it differently…” Lexa’s husband began.

“Even though I’m this color of skin, I consider myself black because I feel like I don’t identify with a lot of things that white people promote,” he added. In the comments of a post on Instagram, Mano Brown defended Guimê: “Is there anyone with his DNA test in hand who says he made a mistake?”. Allied with Fred and Cara de Sapato, the rapper started the game with Tina.

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Even Lexa, to the podcast PodDelasShe was jealous to see her husband “glued together” and glued to another woman: “No, can you imagine, he came in glued to Tina, then I thought, ‘My God, how is that going to be?’ . I found it strange when I saw them sleeping together. When I saw him sleeping together for the first time, I thought, ‘God, my lord, help me'”.

“But over time I also saw that Tina is super good. Imagine your husband sleeping with someone other than you and still in a single bed. Practically on top of each other? But it bothered me for a day, then I started getting used to the scene. And Tina was very good and he’s very respectful,” the singer concluded.