BBB 23: Key Alves is a mix of Isis Valverde characters  Splash

BBB 23: Key Alves is a mix of Isis Valverde characters Splash

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Volleyball player Key Alves was one of the big highlights at the start of BBB 23. The new sister even opened up about the profit she made from her profile on adult content platform OnlyFans.

Columnist Chico Barney compared the brunette’s dramaturgy to the characters played by actress Isis Valverde.

She reminded me of the best characters from Isis Valverde. You know Isis on every 7pm soap opera, that pretty girl who knows what she wants and is funny? Key is a beautiful character from Isis.

Columnist Aline Ramos also agreed that Key was fun for the first few hours of confinement. She commented that fans of the reality show drew attention to her closeness to Gustavo when the two formed the duo, who entered the program “bonded.”

Key is a person who is handing over this ship because they have no way out. She didn’t want to become close friends with anyone, but then she plays with the situation without necessarily being interested.

Party with Anitta, Secret Room: Missed Week 1 of BBB 23 Start?

The BBB 23 has already got off to a very busy start, with an endurance test on opening night and there will be three more parties in addition to a wall entitled to a secret room.

The first party in the mostvisited house in Brazil takes place with the singer Anitta, among others. According to columnist Lucas Pasin, the first week of events in global reality is something unprecedented.

I think it’s about hooking the BBB fan or anyone passing by [pelo canal da Globo] and see what’s going on. That’s a lot of information for a first week.

Pasin believes the director of the Boninho program has decided to “bet all the chips” in the opening week of the edition.

That’s because he wasn’t used to it. We saw a harder and different test in the first week, but no secret room. I liked the strategy and the first party with Anitta. I hope it continues like this every week.

Anitta on BBB: How will the reunion with supposed ex ‘Peguete’ Gabriel be?

The first BBB 23 party takes place this Wednesday (18th) with a show directed by Anitta who will enter Brazil’s most watched house in a Rexona promotion.

The presence of the singer has everything to move, especially with Gabriel, a brother who became known in the Casa de Vidro for telling that he already had an affair with the singer. That’s what columnist Lucas Pasin expects.

Anitta appearing at the first party makes him think the show’s plot revolves around him. I did not want that.

Columnist Aline Ramos believes the eventual reunion between the model and the powerful woman will be like that of a fan and an idol.

Gabriel will drool like he’s never been with her.

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