BBB 23: Gabriel uses the term “mute” and is corrected by Marvilla

BBB 23: Gabriel uses the term “mute” and is corrected by Marvilla

This Wednesday the 18th, the singer Marvillaparticipants of BBB 23the prison colleague scolded Gabriel during a conversation. The brother mentioned the term “bedside table” and was corrected by the sister.

“You said bedside table, right?” the singer asked in the seainspired room. “So that term isn’t used anymore because it’s racist. I know you spoke of innocence, but I better tell you,” she added. Then the brother apologized and agreed with the sister.

Marvilla scolded his prison colleagueMarvilla scolded his prison colleague Photo: Iara Morselli

It is not new that the origin of the phrase has gained prominence in discussions surrounded by controversy. In recent years, corrections have been made again and again after the origin of the term was associated with the time of slavery and perceived as racist. The enslaved performed the task of holding objects for the householders without being able to make any noise.

Marvilla draws Gabriel’s attention after he says “bedside table.” The term “servantmute” would refer to “the servants, usually enslaved people, who were supposed to hold objects for their masters and were forbidden to speak”. #BBBB23

— Eutriturei 📌 (@eutriturei) January 18, 2023

However, this version was rejected, suggesting that the true origin of the term was just an adjusted translation of the word dumbwaiter.

Brazilian progressive thinking is also full of fake news. There is no historical or etymological evidence that “bedside table” refers to slavery. Nevertheless, I find the word ugly and avoid it.

— Lucas Oliveira (@_lucasom) January 18, 2023

“Dumb servant” is biased.

Servants and slaves remained silent by the bed or table, even fanning their mistresses.

Here comes Agência Lupa to say that this is not the case since the origin of the word is English.

Yes, the British were the greatest slave colonists in the world!

—Prof. Lenilson de Mello 🚩🇧🇷 (@leninaveira2) January 18, 2023