BBB 23 Gabriel desperately notes that his speech was not

BBB 23: Gabriel desperately notes that his speech was not shown on

Due to Open TV’s restricted broadcast schedule, the dynamic of “BBB 23” was not aired in full, giving way to Tela Quente

Jan 24, 2023 8:37 p.m

(updated at 10:19 p.m.)


Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

The most talked about participant in the recent BBB 23 Game of Discord, model Gabriel “Fop” Tavares, was trying to clean up his game after being called out on national TV by Tadeu Schmidt, who called him out on Sunday (22). his abusive behavior. Gabriel admitted he was wrong about his partner Bruna Griphao and apologized “to all the women on the show”, but to his despair the wellrehearsed speech was not shown live on Globo.

Due to freetoair television’s restricted schedule, the dynamics of “BBB 23” were not broadcast in full, giving way to Tela Quente, which screened the film “Beleza da Noite”. At the time Gabriel apologized, the show was only being shown on cable television on multishow, globoplay and payperview. Therefore, Gabriel missed the chance to recant in front of a large segment of the show’s viewers.

It was his partner Paula Freitas who warned Gabriel about the night time of the show, who soon noticed the boy’s dissatisfaction. “Fuck, but that’s okay…” he said in frustration.

Despite this frustration, netizens did not like the speech. One of the most talked about moments was when he said he wanted to “become a martyr” for other men. Suggesting that he can become “a role model” for what not to do: “I can become a martyr to other men if they understand my part and realize I made a mistake. When they look inward, as do I.” I look at myself and apologize for the mistake. You’ll see that I regret it, I’ll put my knee on the floor, apologize. Use this to become a better person,” the brother reasoned.

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