BBB 23 Fred opens his heart recalls his relationship with

BBB 23: Fred opens his heart, recalls his relationship with Bianca Andrade and complains about being remembered as the ‘e…


The former couple had a son, Baby Cris.

Photo 1: Reproduction/Rede Globo |  Photo 2: Playback/Instagram/@biancaPhoto 1: Reproduction/Rede Globo | Photo 2: Playback/Instagram/@bianca

While Paredão’s dynamic doesn’t begin in the BBB 23, Larissa It is free fred used this Sunday afternoon (19) to comment on their private life. According to the digital influencer, he doesn’t want to be remembered because of his relationship with Bianca Andrade.

“When I was together it wasn’t a problem at all, I even liked it, I was proud of it. Because usually they’re always comparing… Always the guy’s wife, you know? In my case, it was me that was hers. ‘Ah, Bianca’. But after it was over… Boring, right old man, keep comparing,” began fred.

> Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

According to him, the label is becoming very boring for both him and him bianca. agree to the affair Larissa emphasizes that everyone has their own life. The brunette also revealed that she was scared of dating the Youtuber since he’s not anonymous, just like her. “People compare, whether they like it or not. And that’s what I didn’t want, to connect with a person in a relationship,” he said.

After announcing his entry into the BBB 23, fred earned the nickname Boco Roso due to his relationship with the businesswoman who took part in the reality show in 2020. The Youtuber and Bianca Andrade were married for two years. Together they had the baby Chris1 year.