BBB 23 Bruna Griphaos father speaks openly about his daughter

BBB 23: Bruna Griphao’s father speaks openly about his daughter and talks to the young woman about expectations in reality: “A lot…

BBB 23

Bruna Griphao is confirmed in the Camarote group with BBB 23

By Vitor Tobias

01/13/2023 20:25 BRT

01/13/2023 20:25 BRT

Bruna Griphao is confirmed with BBB 23© Playback/Instagram/@brunagriphaooBruna Griphao is confirmed with BBB 23Victor Tobias

Bruna Griphao promises a lot inside BBB 23. The actress is caught up in gossip outside of the home, and every indication is that the public will see a side of the blonde that nobody knows. On the same line stands the artist’s father, Paulo Orphaowho spoke about the expectations she has with her daughter in reality.

In an interview with Quem magazine, Paulo tried to define Bruna’s personality and said that the young woman had a lot to offer. THE parent made it clear that the girl has a strong personality and very sincere opinions, but that she is also fun, funny and very kind.

“It’s very competitive, but also very fair. I think people will really like it and deconstruct a lot of things around it. They often hit her, they talk about her and Bruna never fight back She’s a 23 year old girl, young, lovely, clever and you’ll have fun”, the father guarantees.

Paulo also spoke about the doubts that Bruna had to accept or reject BBB 23’s proposal.

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