BBB 23 Arthur Aguiar leaks alleged payperview secret and insinuates

BBB 23: Arthur Aguiar leaks alleged payperview secret and insinuates he doesn’t believe in the service cameras…

BBB 23

Payperview is the additional service Globo offers for subscribers to watch the 24 hours of BBB 23

Arthur Aguiar gave an interview to 4Talk Cast© Playback/Instagram/@arthuraguiarArthur Aguiar gave an interview to 4Talk Cast

Arthur Aguiar was the last winner of Big Brother Brasil and to this day the singer is still invited to offer his take on reality. Maira Cardi’s exhusband has already commented on this BBB 23but in a recent interview with the 4 Talk Cast podcast, the millionaire went a little further.

That’s because Arthur would have implied during the conversation that the cameras of the Pay per view They don’t present things the way they should. From the artist’s point of view, there is someone behind the set who selects only the scenes that are of interest to the production, since the audience cannot have 100% access to the best guarded house in the world. Brazil.

> Arthur Aguiar is the winner of BBB 22 (Reproduction/Instagram/@arthuraguiar)

“The payperview doesn’t see everything! Why doesn’t it see everything? Because there are some cameras that are available there, there is a room like this, the other bedroom, kitchen, living room and there are individual cameras where you are put them there, but they don’t, there is one camera only from driver’s room, there is no camera, like the leader’s room, there is no such camera, there is no camera in the leader’s room, there are two things, follow him to house 1 and follow him to house 2. Follow him to House 1 and follow him to house 2, it’s the edits that are made there, so there’s the editor who chooses what topics are interesting, and you follow that edit in real time, ok? This is different from the Globo edition,” he pointed out.

“Just that edition in real time things happen in the house so if you watch this you stop watching what is happening elsewhere and in the manager’s room what is being talked about if you don’t even follow it at home 1 and don’t even follow me home 2, it’s nowhere,” he concluded.