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BBB 23: After proclaiming himself the new leader, Cezar Black wastes no time in revealing a target for the wall: “My e…


Nurse revealed to the Allies who his nomination for Paredão will be

BBB 23: After winning the race, Cezar Black reveals the goal for the WandG© Pictures 1 and 2 Reproduction/TV GloboBBB 23: After winning the race, Cezar Black reveals the goal for the WandG

the nurse Cezar Schwarz was ordained leader of the week on the night of this past Friday (February 18th). Big brother Brazil. The confirmation came after a controversial afternoon during which the test that awarded him the victory was heavily contested by netizens.

With TV Globo confirming Black’s victory, the man is now preparing to send someone straight to Paredão next Sunday and admitted he already had his aim. in conversation with Fred Nicacio, The nurse said directly that he would nominate Ricardo for the hot seat.

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However, according to Black, a lot Christian has led in recent weeks to Ricardo It’s a personal problem: “It’s completely inconsistent now to vote for Cris and not for Alface, I can’t do that. My personal struggle is with him. I think if Cris goes to Paredão he will go, but I don’t recommend him,” he said.

Fred then suggested his friend do what he thought was best: “Follow your heart.” The brothers also commented that if Ricardo counterattacked, he would probably aim at Nicácio and that he should therefore be prepared to go to Paredão.