BBB 23 After being spurned live by Tadeu Schmidt Cara

BBB 23: After being spurned live by Tadeu Schmidt, Cara de Sapato ‘complains’ about the moderator and vents…


The fighter wanted to bump Amanda up during the Game of Discord but was interrupted by the moderator

Photos: Reproduction/GloboPhotos: Reproduction/Globo

In yesterday’s Game of Discord (13), Thaddeus Schmidt gave Gabriel Santana a ‘spur’ live and shoe face. Regarding the actor, the presenter of the BBB 23 he didn’t like the request to the house not to attack Cristian. As for the fighter, the scolding was due to the brother using the dynamic to praise Amanda.

The communicator even interrupted the activity to reveal the “wrong” behavior of the inmates. “This is the game of discord, it is not the game of praise, nor is it the game of making peace. So please don’t do it. Gabriel, it’s not to do to send a message… you can send a message home whenever you want, throughout the day, you can ask everyone to do what you think is best, to everyone time of day. Sapato can also praise Amanda at any time of the day. Now it’s the game of discord, it’s the arrow and that’s what we’re going to do,” shot the former Fantástico.

> Photo: Reproduction/Globo

“Sorry Tadeu, I was trying to back up my argument about Amanda,” the athlete tried to justify. Later, Camarote actor Aline Wirley vented in the bathroom and said he wanted to talk about the ingame doctor. “I wanted to talk about them on the Game of Discord today, but they wouldn’t let me. Tadeu interrupted me. Sanctification. It made sense what I said,” he complained.

Sapato contacts Amanda

After the Paranaense fell on the fourth wall of this issue Big brother BrazilThe athlete explained himself to the blonde and said he believed in his whereabouts in the reality show. “I’m very confused. I’m sure of one thing: you’re an amazing person! I can’t say anything for sure, but I really believe you’ll stay. because I love you so much.. .”