BBB 23: 4 Controversial Lines from Fred Nicácio Causing a Buzz on the Internet

BBB 23: 4 Controversial Lines from Fred Nicácio Causing a Buzz on the Internet

Fred Nicácio has caught the attention of the BBB 23 public with controversial lines. Early on Wednesday afternoon (18), the doctor appeared among the most commented on topics on Twitter following a conversation with Marília. Some netizens didn’t like what the brother said to the makeup artist who worked with him that first week.

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“Somebody tell that Fred Nicácio that the last cookie in the packet always breaks! Totally unnecessary for him here with Marília,” commented one netizen. Another added: “I find Fred Nicácio boring. Including what he said to Marília yesterday. Total vacillation, I thought it was arrogant.”

Check out some controversial lines from Fred Nicácio in just three days of BBB 23:

“The tablets were for you”

Speaking to Marília, Fred Nicácio explained that the negative badges in the Jogo da Discord that the duo received were due to the sister’s behavior: “A lot of those three badges weren’t for me, they were for you. That was very clear. You know what I’m talking about and I know it. We are not children or idiots.”

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“I already have money”

Speaking poolside on Tuesday (17), Fred shot: “Becoming a millionaire is going to be amazing but honey I already have money! Thank you God! I have a great job, I have great investments, I have money in my pocket and I live very well! Very good! I want more? I want more! Why? Because I want! Got my little jet, why not? I want a black millionaire!”

Umberto Avila

“I am changing the history of medicine in this country”

Also in the poolside conversation, the doctor reported the frustration of not having more followers on Instagram. “It’s absurd that Aline and I, who are really changing the history of the country, have 300,000, 400,000… She doesn’t have 1 million. I have 350,000 followers and have been changing the history of medicine in this country for years.”

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“My Nurse”

Fred Nicácio also drew criticism for the way he described the nursing profession. He reported that he suffered from racism as a physical therapist, but met the aggressor again years later when he was already a doctor. “I went back there and she was my nurse! I’m here, Doctor Fred Nicácio. Now I’m going to intubate and you’re going to help me!”

I have easy


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