‘BBB 1’ Champion Kleber Bambam detonates Arthur Aguiar after meeting: ‘He’s a Fool’ Perk

BBB 1’s champion Kleber Bambam has detonated the winner of the last installment of the reality show, Arthur Aguiar. In a live with BBB 9 champion Max Porto last Tuesday night the 18th, the bodybuilder recounted an encounter he had with Maíra Cardi’s exhusband on a TV show last week and called him a “fool.” .

“To me he’s an idiot, puppy face. To me he’s dead, he’s buried because he has no morals. He went with me to the dressing room in the (‘program’ of) ‘Faustão’ and he does. Don’t say anything to nothing He swims in the middle of the water, you see, they don’t even talk about him anymore… The guy doesn’t respect any hierarchy, he doesn’t respect anything, he’s an idiot and that’s it , if someone wants to tell him that, he can tell .It’s my opinion,” detonated Bambam of the “BBB 22” champion.

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During the chat, Bambam also pinned some “Big Brother Brasil” champions, who he says refused to attend a series of Lives he did in 2020.

“When I went to make the lives of champions, the only ones who didn’t were Emilly (BBB 17), Gleici (BBB 18) and Thelma (BBB 20). The three who are in the bread line. Then came Juliette ( BBB 21) who swallowed you all, then came Gil do Vigor who swallowed Juliette for her charisma…” he pinned. View:

In May 2020, Bambam revealed online that only two former champions had not responded as to whether or not they would agree to chat with him. In other words, they ignored the invitation. Without naming names, he called the champions “uneducated” because they saw his message and didn’t even reply that they weren’t going to compete.

“I was upset because I sent them two messages, they looked at them and didn’t reply. They could have said, ‘Bambam, thanks for the invitation, but I’m busy’. OK. Or: ‘Bambam, I’m not going to participate because I work a lot’: “Bambam, I don’t feel like participating.” Now the person watches and does not answer, knowing that they have already commented that this person would not attend Answer I said: I’m trying, it’s free, isn’t it? Watching out of courtesy and respect and not answering, I don’t agree.
If a big office calls or calls Globo, at least the person would answer. That’s called a lack of education. So that person needs to remember that this will pass. I’ve seen 20 ‘Bib brother’. After that, there’s no point in chasing, because then it’s too late,” detonated the first edition champion.

Bambam performed live with Rodrigo Cowboy, the champion of “BBB 2”; Domni, from “BBB 3”; Rafinha from BBB 8, Fernanda Keula from BBB 13 and Paula who won BBB 19, Cida from BBB 4; Diego Alemão from “BBB 7”; Max Porto from “BBB 9″. ” “, Marcelo Dourado, from “BBB 10”; Maria Melilo, from BBB 11; and Fael from BBB 12.

Bambam makes a series of lives with other 'BBB' champions Bambam makes a series of lives with other “BBB” champions Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Rodrigo, champion of Rodrigo, champion of “BBB 2”

Dominik, Champion of Domini, champion of the “BBB 3”

Cida, master of Cida, champion of “BBB 4”

German master of German, Champion of “BBB 7”

Rafinha, Champion of Rafinha, champion of “BBB 8”

Golden Master Dourado, Champion of the “BBB 10”

Max, master of Max, champion of the “BBB 9”

Maria, champion of Maria, champion of the “BBB 11”

Fernanda, champion of Fernanda, Champion of “BBB 13”

Paula, master of Paula, champion of the “BBB 19”

'BBB' champions announce live ‘BBB’ Champions Announce Live Photo: Reproduction/Instagram