Battiti Live 2022 Tananai slips and falls on stage I

Battiti Live 2022, Tananai slips and falls on stage: “I broke my ankle”

live beats is back. And also this year on his hiking trip among the beauties of Puglia(turns to Bari, Gallipoli and Trani) has welcomed countless artists on its stage. music and entertainment have always been the main ingredients of the show and as usual the numerous Tags Summer entertained the audience. Among the invited singers Gallipoli yesterday too fedez, Tananai and Mara SatteiAuthors de “The sweet life”, a track that went platinum today and is the undisputed king of the radio charts. Ready go and, on the sheet music of the single of the moment, Tananai is on slipped ruinous, got up immediately and still managed to complete the exhibition. At the end of the performance, a beautiful curtain was staged on the stage.

“I have split the ankle now i fell… i got a sprain,” said the singer-songwriter with his nice wry face. The conductor intervened to support him Alan Palmieri: “Now? Be careful you’ll have to do another feat then”. “Uh… I do it on one leg‘ Tananai repeated, amused. The moderator then dismissed the artists and addressed them in particular gold boy of 2022: “Let yourself be treated! We’ll help you later! See you later!”. “Maybe”concluded the singer, who now seems to have recovered. Likeable, playful, genuine. The “Tana” we met.