Batman’s biggest mystery solved and it could be a sequel

Spoilers for Batman ahead! Turn around now if you haven’t seen the latest incarnation of the Dark Knight yet.

So you’ve seen Batman. You may even have skimmed through the Batman post-credits scene to find the hidden message at But among the code and cryptic symbols, you may not have realized that there is a secret message hidden inside, and it has already been revealed by the world’s greatest detectives: the Internet.

Previously, the site offered you answers to several riddles – if you are at a loss, find the answers here. However, now you will get a text screen followed quickly by a website pointing you to another page. On that page there is a hyperlink to the cipher.

New Batman Mystery From The Riddler

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Rataalada)

It reads: “You think I’m done, but maybe you don’t know the whole truth. Every end is a new beginning. Something is coming.”

This “something” can be interpreted, but the answers may lie in the code you see when you first enter the website, and Reddit user (properly named) vengeance22 may have cracked the code.

Riddler text at The Batman's Rataalada website

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Rataalada)

It’s not just random Matrix-style lines of code. Each points to a key moment in Bat-History. The first, 5/27/19/39, is the date May 27, 1939, which is Batman’s first appearance in the actual comic book Detective Comics #27.

The others, in order, refer to: the introduction of Catwoman and the Joker; First appearance of the Penguin; first appearance of the Riddler; First appearance of Falcone and first appearance of Alfred. They are all key players in Batman. But the most interesting code is the last one.

Batman #258 was released in October 1974, with Two-Face breaking out of Arkham. Something is really coming, and Batman may have already given away the game. For more answers to the movie’s biggest questions, check out our guides to DC’s Caped Crusader hard reset.

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