Batman: Zoe Kravitz opens up about not being cast in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ because she’s too ‘urban’

Zoë Kravitz has opened up about being banned from The Dark Knight Rises “because they weren’t going to urbanize.”

In 2015, the actress, daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, revealed that she failed “to audition for a small part they were playing”, telling Nylon to do something with it?

Now, in an interview with The Observer, Kravitz, who is Dominican and Jewish-American, addressed the rejection, saying she doesn’t know “whether it came directly from [the film’s director] Chris Nolan.

“I think it was probably some casting director or casting director’s assistant,” Kravitz said.

“Being a woman of color and being an actress and I was told at the time that I couldn’t read because of the color of my skin and the word ‘urban’ was thrown around, that’s what was really hard. about this moment.”

It is unknown what role Kravitz wanted to audition for, but it is believed to be the role of Jen’s Catwoman neighbor, played by Juno Temple.

Kravitz appears in Matt Reeves’ new Batman movie and is the latest star to play Catwoman since Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

Zoë Kravitz was denied an audition for The Dark Knight Rises because she was considered too “urban”.

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The film, which was released earlier this week, should be the most successful film release since the pandemic.