“Batacazo!”: The reaction of the foreign press to Melgar’s classification against Inter

“Batacazo!”: The reaction of the foreign press to Melgar’s classification against Inter

Batacazo The reaction of the foreign press to Melgars classification

In an even series from the scoreboard, Melgar made the difference on penalties and defeated Internacional de Porto Alegre in the quarter-finals of the Copa Sudamericana. With this milestone, the Arequipa team had the best campaign in Conmebol tournaments for a Peruvian team since Cienciano in 2003.

This win caused a huge reaction from the Red-Black fans and Peruvian soccer fans. The qualification for the semi-finals did not go unnoticed by the international press either. Next, look at the publications of foreign media.

Ole newspaper

“Batacazo: Melgar de Lavallén eliminated Inter. The Argentine’s group won on penalties in Porto Alegre and will contest the South American’s semifinals,” the Argentine newspaper noted.

Ole over Melgar. Photo: Capture Olé


“Historical! Melgar eliminated Inter in Brazil on penalties and is in the semi-finals of the Conmebol Sudamericana,” according to international media.

ESPN on Melgar. Photo: ESPN recording

Varsky Sports

“Melgar is in the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana! They beat Internacional 3-1 on penalties after equalizing 0-0 on aggregate. He signs the best performance in his history in competition. He will face Independiente del Valle,” wrote the Argentine journalist.

Varsky Sports on Melgar. Photo: Capture Varsky Sports


Inter saves Cáceda on penalties and will be eliminated by Melgar in the Copa Sudamericana,” the Brazilian media outlet said.

Balloon over Melgar. Photo: Capture Globe


“Melgar, to the semifinals! The “Lion of the South” conquered Beira-Rio. He kept clean sheets in a tough and demanding game. Cáceda consecrated himself in regular time and on penalties,” the Spanish newspaper stated.

As with Melgar. Photo: Capture as

When are Melgar vs. playing? Valley independent?

The first leg will be played between August 30th and September 1st, the second leg between September 6th and 8th. The timing of this meeting has yet to be confirmed.

Which channel does Melgar vs. Valley become independent on?

DirecTV Sports will be the signal that makes Melgar vs. Tal independent.