1695891156 Baseball Heres what to expect partially from the Capitals 25th

Baseball: Here’s what to expect (partially) from the Capitals’ 25th anniversary

A week and a half later their incredible, but above all magical, conquest of the Frontier League championshipThe Quebec Capitales have washed away the champagne scent that emanated from their anniversary and are preparing for next season, which will also celebrate their 25th anniversarye Birthday.

An anniversary that even the Nordiques couldn’t celebrate, which says a lot about the franchise’s longevity in the microcosm of professional sports in Quebec.

Of course, the history of the friendly independent baseball team did not go smoothly. On a few occasions, the Capitals could have put the key in the door.

“We are proud, it is really something special!” introduced President Michel Laplante. Having been there from the beginning, I would tell you that I never thought I would ever be talking to you about the 25th anniversary. And we really want to celebrate it in a big way. »

But they are still there, a quarter of a century later, and stronger than ever. Both Mr. Laplante and general manager Charles Demers believe the dealership has “shifted into second gear.”

There was certainly that second straight Frontier League championship, but nearly 170,000 spectators also flocked to Stade Canac during the regular season.

15 games were sold out and there were almost 15,000 fans in the stands during the team’s legendary playoff run.

Recreate the magic… and more

Although it will certainly be difficult to recreate that famous magic that enveloped the club during the second half of the season and during the playoffs – interrupted by one Grand slam by former Yankee Greg Bird And crucial home runs that capped a comeback in the ninth inning – The organization is still thinking big for this famous 25th.

“We always want to surprise the people of Quebec and we want to do that again in 2024,” Michel Laplante said during the team’s season review on Wednesday. Yes, it’s a nice pat on the back what happened this year, but we want to continue to be creative. »

Baseball Heres what to expect partially from the Capitals 25th

Photo Stevens Leblanc

Here you can find out some of what to expect:

  • The Capitales and Stade Canac will host the Frontier League All-Star Game and festivities on July 8, 9 and 10.
  • The withdrawal of the circuit’s traveling team, the poor Empire State Grays, will mean the Capitals will play 48 home games next summer rather than 59 as was the case this season.
  • The team aims to further improve the customer experience, particularly by working on scenarios to reduce wait times at concession stands, which Charles Demers said was the biggest “annoyance” among viewers surveyed by the organization. “We don’t want people to wait 15 minutes for a hot dog, even if the prices are low,” he says.
  • The Capitals are also thinking about solutions so that more people can attend at least one game in the summer. They are therefore thinking about reducing the number of season subscriptions, but at the same time “protecting” the 200 or 300 holders who have supported the team for several years and without harming those who are on the waiting list.
  • The stadium lighting should be improved, as should the stands.
  • And of course, more announcements will be made as the season progresses.