Bargain Honor 50 4 star smartphone for E29290 30

Bargain – Honor 50 “4-star” smartphone for €292.90 (-30%)

Honor is celebrating a comeback in the mid-range segment with the Honor 50. A smartphone that aims to gain a place in this competitive market and to reaffirm the new ambitions of the Chinese company independent of Huawei.

With the Honor 50, the Chinese brand offers a fairly balanced smartphone. Equipped with a very nice screen and a powerful chip, it offers the performance that we have every right to expect from a device of its kind. In photos, it holds its own against the competition, which is fighting for shine on this point, at a comparable price. However, its average autonomy is compensated by a very fast recharge. We perhaps regret a slightly poor connection, the lack of protection certification and a coat that deserves a little polishing, but the overall experience is on par. If you like its neat design (and glitter, by the way), this Honor 50 might seduce you.

strong points

  • Nice Oled display.
  • Snapdragon 778G still as efficient.
  • Really fast charging.
  • Compelling 108MP mode.

weak points

  • Average photography experience.
  • No waterproof certification or microSD port.
  • Autonomy could have been better.

NB: The reported price drop is calculated by comparing the lowest price of the day with the average of the lowest prices requested by all retailers for the product in the last month, with security rules to exclude prices from stores whose VAT policy is not clear (known as “grey” shops, typically with imports from China).


The Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is a good smartphone that benefits from a very nice Oled screen and is characterized by excellent autonomy. We would certainly have wished for this step up if we had opted for a more ambitious SoC, but the latter turns out to be quite well optimized. The increase in price, on the other hand, makes it in competition with quite talented smartphones, especially in photos. However, its strong resemblance to the cheaper Poco X4 Pro doesn’t make it the best value for money on the market today.

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