Barbara D’Urso in a white costume on Instagram: At 65 she still dreams

Barbara D’Urso in a white costume on Instagram: At 65 she still dreams

A summer of rest and relaxation. This was the choice of Barbara D’Urso, who is enjoying a few days off to recharge and get back on the air sooner than expected. And yes, because Afternoon Cinque is not only back on top form, but also ahead of time: the first episode is actually scheduled for September 5, well ahead of what Piersilvio Berlusconi had planned for the presentation of the fixtures.

Barbara D’Urso, the white suit that drives you crazy

The time to think about work is not yet ripe. Indeed, we need to rest in order to take to the air again more charged than ever. And Barbara D’Urso knows it well because she still spends her summer of relaxation and the sensuality she still indulges in at 65. Beautiful and in perfect shape, the presenter wore a white trikini (reminiscent of Federica Panicucci), with which she drove everyone crazy, allowing herself that pinch of irony that has always characterized her.

“And the detachment of the legs in photo 3?” wrote Barbara D’Urso sardonically, attributing the impact of the photo, which seems to have some, to the wide angle very long legs. Regardless, she still looked wonderful and relaxed, waiting to return to television and keep company with this audience that had never left her, even when it seemed her adventure at Mediaset was over. His presence, on the other hand, remained firmly on Canale5, the network to which he dedicated the last part of his career (with some trips to Italia1 for La Pupa and Il Secchione).

With her fully uncovered back and a criss cross to give the waist more prominence, Barbara D’Urso has shown that she can wear one wonderful costume despite the time and what makes it even more beautiful. He also demonstrated it with the Animalier bikini, which he used to open his vacation, followed by other bikinis and his own beloved floral dresseswhich he often uses as a cover-up.

The Neapolitan presenter alternated some images of their moments of relaxation Photos related to his private life. Like the post he dedicated to him son Gianmauro, born on August 4, 1986 and now a doctor. These are rare statements to which Barbara D’Urso gives very little space. In fact, it’s no secret that he tends to keep news about his family confidential. So his children have practically never appeared on his social networks, if not in very few images depicting them as children.

The long awaited return of Afternoon Five

We go ahead. The return of the Mediaset flagship’s afternoon program will provide plenty of excerptsrealitythe election campaign is now in full swing, but there will be no lack of the usual entertainment that has always characterized the format.

We certainly won’t go back to the previous conception where gossip was the central element of the entire episode. So we return to current events, presented according to Barbara D’Urso’s narration, with the introduction of tables and with the return of the services of their most faithful envoys.