Bar Rescues Jon Taffer warns about state of restaurants Business

Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer warns about state of restaurants: Business is booming, but we’re ‘challenged’


May 28, 2023 | 12:20 p.m

Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer warns restaurant staffing shortages could be solved with artificial intelligence and robots. WireImage

With restaurants expected to hit record numbers this summer, Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer is sounding the alarm about the labor shortage – a problem being solved with artificial intelligence and robots.

“We have hired over 900,000 people since April. We need a lot more, but we expect record voyages this summer. Record occupancy of the hotel. Restaurants are booming, but we face a challenge because we need people to do all of our business,” the TV star told host Stuart Varney.

During his Monday appearance at Varney & Co., Taffer attended the National Restaurant Association Convention, which featured a heavy emphasis on robotics and automation technology.

“In my restaurant business, we tend to use it in the back of the house for purchasing, pricing and the like. Here I am now in a SkyTab cabin. “These are all new transaction technologies that connect third parties like DoorDash and Uber Eats to the POS system,” Taffer began.

“Frequency programs, credit card programs, all connected in one system now. And then the robotics is huge. Wendy’s is in the process of launching an automated ordering chat box program in Europe. There are the restaurateurs, they’re already going crazy.”

Taffer (C) is seen at the ribbon cutting ceremony for his restaurant Taffer’s Tavern April 12, 2021 in Alpharetta, Georgia. Getty Images A robotic waiter carries empty trays after delivering an order to diners at the ‘White Fox’ restaurant in the eastern part (left bank of the Tigris) of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul November 17, 2021. AFP via Getty Images

Fast-food chain Wendy’s, Taffer noted, announced a new partnership with Pipedream, a company that has developed an underground autonomous robotic system capable of delivering digital food orders from kitchens to parking lots in seconds.

The goal, Wendy’s said in a press release, is to enable faster and more convenient pickup experiences.

Wendy’s will be the first quick service restaurant to test Pipedream’s technology, but likely won’t be the last.

According to Varney, artificial intelligence is widely perceived as a “negative threat” to humanity.

Given the labor shortage, Taffer sees AI as a game changer that will no doubt increase profitability.

“Also, we can’t find the employees [to] Do it, so we have to solve the problem. If we can’t solve the problem with people, we will move to automation,” concluded Taffer.

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