Bang Olufsen offers to create its musical avatar

Bang & Olufsen offers to create its musical avatar. – Luxurious diary

Bang & Olufsen, which specializes in high-end audio, has just launched a new branding campaign called ‘See Yourself in Sound’. The initiative is original as it allows you to create a unique musical avatar based on your favorite pieces of music.

Create your musical avatar

Bang & Olufsen’s new campaign offers the opportunity to explore their sonic personality and invites everyone to create their own 3D musical avatar via a dedicated website:

“In a world where digital interaction, creativity and exploration are key, it was important to me that Bang & Olufsen create a space where our community can visualize their passion for music that goes beyond just listening and enjoying the tracks,” said Kamel Ouadi, Bang & Olufsen’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a press release.

This campaign will be activated worldwide with a digital and in-store presence. It is also reinforced by an influence campaign.

How does it work ?

The simplest experience is connecting to your Spotify account, which allows for automatic analysis of the tracks you’re listening to. You then quickly arrive at a diagnosis of your personality such as “happy, fiery and jazzy” and Your avatar will be presented to you in motion with an associated name (Example: “The Blessed Strong Ninja”). The avatar is unique as it was created from recovered data: songs, albums, playlists…

“We have always been a brand that defends self-expression and personal identity, creating avant-garde designs and enabling people to hear music through objects that delight the senses. In addition, this campaign is a wonderful embodiment of our brand,” says Kamel Ouadi.

Then it is possible to customize the avatar by adjusting the textures and colors and even share it with those around you. The second option is to answer a mini-questionnaire: “When I hear my favorite piece, I feel…”, “As far as dance is concerned, my flow is more…” etc.

How did the idea come about?

“Music isn’t something we hear, it’s something we feel. It reflects who we are and who we connect with. That feeling of listening to music you really love can transport you to another world, and we wanted to visualize that world with ‘See Yourself in Sound’.”

The desire to create a connection between the past and the future of the brand

In 2025, Bang & Olufsen will celebrate a century of music, with since its inception a desire to be at the forefront of audio technology. For this reason, with this campaign, the brand had the ambition both to stay true to its heritage and to open up the first steps of a new visual identity: “The landscape of avatars and forms of hyperreality has evolved in recent years. We therefore worked closely with the brand to design something that is not only unique for each participant in the campaign, but also unique in today’s world of avatars,” confirm the Hello Monday / DE PTĀ® agency teams with which the campaign was developed.