Bandits take Arlindo Cruz’s wife’s car during a robbery in Benfica, in Rio’s North Zone

Babi Cruz, the wife of sambista Arlindo Cruz, was the victim of a robbery Wednesday night in Benfica, in Rio’s north zone. The bandits took away her car, a white Jeep Renegade with a Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel sticker, as well as cell phones and other items.


A statement released by Babi Cruz on a social network tells how the robbery took place. According to the text, the car she was in was closed on Itapuã Street. Bandits armed with pistols handed over the victims. Babi was with friends. Nobody was injured.

“After this moment, Babi thanks the fans, press friends and everyone’s understanding for their affection,” the text says. Babi said that the vehicle he was in with two other friends was closed by the car in which three bandits were.

According to her, the criminals took advantage of a moment when she reduced her speed to overtake a speed bump. The case was registered in the 21st DP (Bonsucesso).

— The feeling is helplessness, that life can be lost in a matter of seconds. Is very sad. People take time to conquer things and so can lose in one moment. Luckily no one was hurt, just badly shaken,” he said.

The Military Police said in a note that “In the early hours of this Thursday (11/08), MPs from the 22nd BPM (Maré) were called to report a robbery on Rua Itapuã in Benfica. Take him to the 21st DP (bonsucesso) To the incident.”

The plainclothes police reported that an investigation was underway to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the crime.

Shop in Mercadão and prime in Sapucaí

The sambista Arlindo Cruz, who is just recovering from a stroke that removed him from the stages, will win a deal at the Mercadão de Madureira. The space, managed by the family, will open next Thursday (18). According to Babi, the idea is to sell personalized products with phrases and excerpts from songs, such as tshirts, flipflops, hats and mugs, among others. The visual identity and design are by Milton Cunha.

— It was an old project we had, and when we received the proposal we immediately accepted — celebrated Babi Cruz.

Arlindo will also be the storyline of Império Serrano in Carnival 2023. Upon their return to the special group, the Madureira School will tell the story of the Sambista in the storyline “Lugares de Arlindo”. Carnival artist Alex de Souza’s official announcement in June was attended by the musician, his wife Babi Cruz and other family members.