Band team leaves the demonstration site for fear of aggression

Band team leaves the demonstration site for fear of aggression

A team from TV Band’s ‘Brasil Urgente’ left the scene of a demonstration on Via Dutra in São Paulo today, fearing aggression. The information was confirmed by reporter Giovanna de Boer during a live broadcast on the program.

“We didn’t feel safe on site, so we collected the equipment and came to a petrol station on the edge of Via Dutra. The demonstration we wanted to show takes place at Km 158 from Dutra towards Rio de Janeiro. there are no truck drivers conducting roadblocks,” the journalist said.

Moments earlier, moderator José Luiz Datena emphasized that the program will not show any manifestations where the press is not welcome.

“I would tell our reporters that if there is a threat of aggression, just grab the gear and leave. There’s already an explicit command, and it’s nobody’s, it’s mine. If someone feels threatened, they can take the gear and leave.” .


The number of federal highways blocked or partially closed in Brazil by protesters against the results of last Sunday’s (30th) elections is 150, according to a bulletin released by the PRF (Federal Highway Police) at 2:42 p.m.

The incidents affect 17 states. In the previous 11:20 poll, there were 158 partial lockdowns and bans, and they were tracked in 16 states.