Band fires singer who defended military intervention

Band fires singer who defended ‘military intervention’

Curitibabased band Semblant today announced the sacking of singer Mizuho Lin after releasing a video supporting farright coup demonstrations, but lamented that “people were stupid for taking too long to take to the streets “.

The video provoked a chain reaction of boycott among fans of another band, the Dutch Epica, who will perform in SP on the 19th (and in Curitiba the following day). The reason is that Semblant would do the opening show for Epica.

Fans launched a campaign to have Semblant canceled. The band began to suffer criticism and attacks on social networks.

Sergio Mazul, leader, said that UOL that he was dismayed and surprised by Mizuho’s statements and that the band disagrees with Mizuho’s statements.

He announced his immediate exit from the group (see the full band note at the end of this text).

air of debauchery

Mizuho shows debauchery and boredom, saying in the video that “this request (for military intervention) should have been made long before.”

“But the stupid people didn’t ask. Now, after the election, will you be angry?” he says. “As always, Brazilians are stupid.”

Along with Semblant, the show’s producer, Liberation, has also been targeted by fans of Epica, a symphonic rock band (Semblant is a death metal band).

Irritation grew as Liberation not only refused to respond to fans, but deleted and deleted their comments. Then removed the possibility of comments on the post.

“We, Epica fans, expect a positioning. There is no point in deleting and blocking. Out, Semblant,” posted a fan of the Dutch band.

“I suggest we turn around the moment Semblant takes the stage. They can shove us in the throat but they can’t make us pay attention,” said another fan.

The hashtags #ForaSemblant and “NoSemblant” have become mottos among Epica worshipers.

Other side

This is the full text of Semblant’s note:

“Semblant is going public to let you know that it deeply regrets what has happened in relation to a video posted by one of our members on social media. This person’s opinion and what has been stated does not represent the opinion of the band and so for all of us we apologize.

Composed of people from different mindsets and styles, Semblant has a team that works just as hard as its musicians, moving and nurturing the cultural scene.

Please note that these thoughts in no way reflect Semblant’s behavior or thinking. The band has always focused on the music during these almost twenty years of serious and dedicated work. Music, art and metal are completely related to democracy and freedom and these are the principles that the band in their various formations believe in.

Semblant also rejects any form of prejudice, oppression or antidemocratic action.

We also inform you that Semblant, out of respect for the public and the event, announces that it will replace this member’s participation for the next performances already scheduled, to respect the work of everyone else involved in the tour.

Wanted, Liberation did not respond to the column’s request for comment. When you do this, the text will be updated.

The singer Mizuho Lin, who is also in demand, has not yet responded to the column.