"Badly exploited!": Nicola Savino’s outburst, she won’t let him rest

"Badly exploited!": Nicola Savino’s outburst, she won’t let him rest

The conductor Nicola Savino hides very curious aspects of his private life: it happens at home.

Nicola Savino ck12.it 20220829Nicola Savino (source Youtube)

The TV and radio presenter Nikola Savino has recently dropped its experience in the Biscione networks and jumps to the competition of the giant Sky. In particular, the versatile author and conductor takes the helm of a new broadcast inserted into prime time of the eighth generalist network, TV8. Regarding the change of course, Savino told ANSA that he was enthusiastic about the new professional challenge at Sky: “TV8 is a channel that resembles me in terms of freshness, speed and intelligence and has given me this opportunity: It took me 8 seconds to accept… “.

According to him, the new program will be called “extraordinary game show”, And will collect a hundred participants in the mysterious quiz. At the same time, the conductor will continue his historic collaboration with Radio Deejay, and his schedule is very busy. We have also found that beyond professional ambitions Nicola Savino turns out to be the perfect ‘family man’: Here’s what he said about his personal life…

Nicola Savino, the man next to the showman: Here the statements cross with the historical partner

Nicola Savino and Manuela Suma ck12.it 20220829Nicola Savino and Manuela Suma (Source Instagram)

The esteemed conductor married his own in 2009 Manuela Suma. The two have been a committed couple for almost twenty years and have expanded the family with the birth of their daughter Matilda. According to Manuela, her husband would have struggled to cope with the girl’s puberty, as she confessed to Vanity Fair: “He is a very loving father, very present, who, however, experiences this passage a little badly …“. And the conductor confirms: “I lose patience every once in a while and I’m almost always wrong because we should be firm and determined but keep calm. “.

The conductor later clarified: “I suddenly found another woman in the house and I still haven’t seen anything. She’s still a child, but you can tell it’s different. Check out Grey’s Anatomy, she’s crazy about Patrick Dempsey…”. Despite the foreseeable misunderstandings in his youth, Nicola Savino devotes a lot of time to his family and tries to be as present as possible, as his partner Manuela confirms: “It’s as if I were married to a civil servant with fixed hours. And he cooks too!”. The showman admitted with amusement: “The tram driver in me comes out. I would never give up spending time with my family. In fact, we often manage to have lunch all together…“.

In short, Nicola Savino seems to have his priorities in life very clear, as does the young Pargola of the house, with whom the balance is rapidly changing. “Our tradition was to walk her to school every morning, but that ended a few weeks ago,” he said. “She begged and begged us to let her go alone. “. However, calls for greater independence are sometimes punctuated with kind and irreverent requests: “Sometimes I am abused for shopping. He tells me: ‘Daddy, daddy, come on, let’s go horseback riding’. I know there’s always the trick, though it’s so cool when we ride a Vespa togetherand she hugs me…”.