Bad Bunny grabs a fans phone and throws it in

Bad Bunny grabs a fan’s phone and throws it in the water

bad bunny It continues to dominate social media, but not necessarily in a positive way this time. According to a video circulating on various social platforms, the artist was walking through a common area of ​​the luxury tourist complex Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic when a fan approached him and wanted to take a “selfie” with him.

Immediately afterwards, the trap and reggaeton artist, who is currently on important worldwide favorite lists, took the young woman’s cell phone and threw it in the water. The action provokes numerous reactions on social networks, since there are those who support the artist and others who understand that he has acted disrespectfully.

Who disregarded whom remains the question that lingers.

Bad Bunny said seconds after his action, “You have to respect (personal) space,” as heard in the video. He also said that he had just finished eating.

This afternoon via your account Twitter (@San Benito), the interpreter of “TitΓ­ asked me” remained firm in his decision to grab the phone and throw it at the fanatic because she disrespected him.

“The person who approaches me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to get to know me will always get my attention and respect. Those who come to smack me in the face some phone bastard I will take for what it is, a lack of respect, and I will treat it the same way.said the artist, who ended the message with the hashtag: “SINCOJONESMETIENE”.