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They have been presented at major international festivals. Some have won prestigious awards. Here you will find a selection of 10 foreign arthouse films from the fall 2023 vintage. An overview of a return to the cinema that makes you want to leave the house.

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Poor Things, by Yorgos Lanthimos

Poor Things is a dark fantasy comedy directed by Yórgos Lánthimos (“The Favourite”) and starring Emma Stone, Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo. This is the adaptation of Alasdair Gray’s novel set in the Victorian era and has a surreal touch. The Oscar winner plays the patient of an eccentric scientist, played by Willem Dafoe. A woman who sets out in search of discovery and freedom. This is a return to the cinema for Emma Stone, as her last role was that of Cruella.

In cinemas from September 8th

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El Conde (The Count) by Pablo Larraín

“The Count” is a black comedy with a horror backdrop that imagines a parallel universe inspired by Chile’s recent history. By making the dictator Augusto Pinochet a vampire living in a ruined villa in the far south of the continent, Pablo Larraín (Neruda) illustrates Pinochet and his fascist regime’s appetite for evil. But after 250 years as a vampire, Pinochet decides to stop drinking blood and give up the privilege of eternal life… Jaime Vadell plays the former Chilean general who died in 2006. The countdown will be released on Netflix a few days after the 50th anniversary of Pinochet’s coup.

In cinemas from September 15th

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Killers of the Flower Moon by Martin Scorsese

The feature film, a historical fresco by Martin Scorsese based on true events, deals with the history of the Osage Nation in the United States, which was founded in a coveted territory due to the oil deposits and whose members were mysteriously murdered. Between westerns, ancient tragedies and film noir, the legendary filmmaker finds his favorite actors: Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Cannes raved about his work and compared it to John Ford classics. Need we say more? Only the new work from the director of “Taxi Driver” required seven months of shooting and a budget of $ 200 million! “Killers of the Flower Moon” promises to be THE big cinema event in autumn 2023.

In cinemas from October 20th

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Towards a bright future, by Nanni Moretti

Nanni Moretti’s new film, presented in official competition at Cannes last May, is an autofiction in which a filmmaker, Giovanni (Moretti’s real first name), wants to make a major film about the Italian Communist Party and the Soviet oppression of Hungary. Of course, the character will go through a number of pitfalls. His French producer (Mathieu Amalric) is on the verge of bankruptcy. And his relationship is in crisis (his lover is played by Margherita Buy). The feature film by the 70-year-old director was positively received by critics. “Nanni Moretti returns to his roots by doing what he does best: talking about himself,” wrote La Presse during the festival.

In cinemas from October 13th

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The Murderer, by David Fincher

After a near-disaster, a cold, lonely killer (Michael Fassbender) fights against his employers in a worldwide manhunt. And will end up questioning its existence. Filmed partly in Paris, New Orleans and the Dominican Republic, the new David Fincher (“Seven,” “Fight Club,” “The Social Network”), which will be released directly to Netflix, also stars Tilda Swinton and Charles Parnell to see. It is inspired by the comic series The Killer, created by Matz and Luc Jacamon.

In cinemas from November 10th

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Maestro by Bradley Cooper

In Maestro, Bradley Cooper’s new feature film, the actor plays the famous New York conductor Leonard Bernstein. The film depicts the West Side Story composer’s beautiful love story with Felicia Montealegre (Carey Mulligan) and his homosexual relationships outside of his marriage in the 1960s and 1970s. Also starring are Matt Bomer, Sarah Silverman, Gideon Glick and several others. Maestro is the first film that Cooper has directed since A Star Is Born. The film will be presented on September 2nd in the official competition of the Venice Festival in the presence of maestro Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor of the Metropolitan Orchestra and musical director of the Metropolitan Opera of New York (Met), who collaborated on the film.

In cinemas from November 22nd and on Netflix from December 20th.

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Priscilla, by Sofia Coppola

Movie buffs will discover Graceland at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s when they visit Priscilla. The new film by American director Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation) is a biographical film that tells the life of the only wife of singer Elvis Presley. Based on Priscilla Presley’s memoir Elvis & Me, the film will follow the woman born in 1945 from the ages of 15 to 27 and will star Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi. In Priscilla, therefore, Elvis will be in the background.

In cinemas from October 27th

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Anatomy of a Fall, by Justine Triet

“Anatomy of a Fall” by Justine Triet (Sybil) is about a couple and their visually impaired 11-year-old son at the Cannes Film Festival. The family lives far away from everything, in the mountains, in the Alps. One day, after a fall, the jealous husband is found lifeless at the foot of the family home. Suicide or murder? An investigation is open. His wife, who cheated on him, becomes suspicious and is accused. Son Daniel attends his mother’s trial, a real dissection of the couple. A “dizzying and captivating” film that captivated the Cannes jury.

In the cinema in October

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On the Adamant, by Nicolas Philibert

Sur l’Adamant is a documentary film about psychiatry directed by Frenchman Nicolas Philibert. Last February he won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. The title refers to a day care center for patients with mental disorders. Unique in its kind: it is housed in a building floating on the Seine. “Sur l’Adamant shows that without voiceover, Sur l’Adamant scrutinizes patients’ faces in this unique structure where they are given great freedom, blurring the line between caregivers and patients,” we write in the press kit.

In cinemas from December 1st

Back to the cinema Ten Promising Films From Elsewhere


Athos (Vincent Cassel), Aramis (Romain Duris) and Porthos (Pio Marmaï) in the first part of “The Three Musketeers,” released last spring.

The Three Musketeers: My Lady by Martin Bourboulon

After D’Artagnan, “The Three Musketeers: Milady” revisits the famous work of Alexandre Dumas, with the same performers as in the first part: François Civil, Vincent Cassel, Romain Duris, Pio Marmaï and Eva Green. She plays the fascinating Milady, who becomes the central character of the sequel. From the Louvre to Buckingham Palace, from the slums of Paris to the siege of La Rochelle, we reconnect with the adventures of Dumas, between the Wars of Religion and the threatened invasion of France by England. Heroes whose pride and swords are tied to the fate of France.

In cinemas from December 15th