Baby Wynter Arrives Just In Time To Be Intermountains First

Baby Wynter Arrives Just In Time To Be Intermountain’s First Baby Of The Year –

Wynter Kisa Magandazi is the first baby born in a Utah Intermountain Healthcare hospital in 2023. She is the first baby for Madi and Jermaine Magandazi, who welcomed her a few weeks earlier at 12:34pm Sunday morning. (Intermountain Healthcare)

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SALT LAKE CITY — After over 3,000 babies were born at Intermountain Medical Center in 2022, the hospital is now beginning to welcome its 2023 babies — first with baby Wynter, whose mother said she was “satisfied, happy and on the way to breastfeeding”.

Born at 12:34 p.m. Sunday morning, Wynter Kisa Magandazi became the first baby to be born at a Utah Intermountain Healthcare hospital in 2023, and she could be the state’s first baby this year.

Her parents, Madi and Jermaine Magandazi from Midvale, are happy as they welcome their first child who weighs 5lbs. and 15 ounces. and 20 cm long.

“It was a magical experience to see my wife give birth. We are so grateful that Wynter is here and that she is healthy,” Jermaine Magandazi said in an Intermountain press release.

Madi’s blood pressure was high during her 36-week checkup on Friday and the mother was hospitalized. Madi said they had hoped Wynter would arrive on New Year’s Eve when she was induced but the labor lasted for over 12 hours to bring the birth into a new year.

Madi Magandazi thanked her midwife and Dr. Ibrahim Hammad who helped turn Wynter around.

“My midwife was like a cheerleader. She didn’t let me stop. I was in labor for more than 12 hours and just wanted to get done,” Madi said in the release. “I loved my nursing team at the hospital. Everyone who came in was great.”

Hammad said Wynter looks up, which makes a delivery more difficult and longer. He helped turn the baby to face down to help both mother and baby.

Madi and Jermaine received a basket to celebrate the first birth of the new year with donations from Utah-based baby businesses.



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