Avengers Join New Disney California Adventure Park Nighttime Spectacular World

Avengers Join New Disney California Adventure Park Nighttime Spectacular ‘World of Color – ONE’ – marvel.com

Debuting today at Disney California Adventure Park during the Disney100 Anniversary Celebration at Disneyland Resort, World of colors – ONE has included some heroic characters. During the nightly spectacle, World of Color – ONE tells the impressive story of how a single action – like a drop of water – creates a wave that can become a wave of change. Along with dozens of other iconic Disney characters, Captain America, Black Widow, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Spider-Man and more come to life in Paradise Bay as the area is transformed with a dazzling array of fountains, lighting, lasers, fog- and flame effects, harmonizes with some familiar Avengers themes roaring across the night sky.

It’s a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed, now running every night (weather permitting!) right near the Avengers campus. In celebration of the new show, Jennifer Magill, Producer at Disney Live Entertainment, spoke about bringing the Avengers to World of Color – ONE.

This marks the first time the Avengers have appeared in a nighttime extravaganza. What’s it like to see them come to life like never before – especially in this world of color?

I’m a HUGE Avengers fan and was thrilled that they were a part of our nightly extravaganza. The way we tell stories in World of Color – ONE is so perfectly attuned to the Avengers and these moments come alive as only the Avengers can.

Where do you start when it comes to bringing these superheroes into World of Color? Is it about a specific character, a feeling, or even a specific moment that you want to include?

For World of Color – ONE, the Avengers fitted perfectly with the story we are telling. The whole concept of Avengers Assemble is, in a way, the essence of our show’s theme. One drop can create a wave, and the strength of many drops can create a wave of change.

The Avengers now includes 30 different films. How do you cut out the most iconic moments to include in a segment?

That was no small challenge! As the team reviewed the catalog of Avenger movies, there were LOTS of passionate discussions about favorite moments and characters. Ultimately, I think the moments we chose help tell the story.

The segment is inspired by the end credits of Black Panther and Hawkeye. Can you tell us something about the influences there and how it was adapted to World of Color?

For heroes as dynamic as the Avengers, we really wanted a fun and unique way to bring them to life. During our trip, the team began watching multiple end credits as they always provide a unique and fun twist on the films. Looking at Black Panther and Hawkeye we were excited to see how it would translate to World of Color – ONE, once we tested it we knew this was the way to go.

Do you have a favorite moment?

Oh, that’s a HARD question! When I watch the show there are so many moments that touch my heart. One that always gives me chills is when Sam Wilson says “On Your Left” at the beginning of the Avengers sequence. It’s such a simple line, but it conveys so much of the spirit of the show.

From the teased preview, it looks like the Avengers will appear via portals, very much like the iconic scene in Avengers: Endgame. It’s such an emotional moment in the film and will no doubt be one in World of Color as well. What’s it like bringing that moment to guests visiting the parks, especially considering how immersive watching the show can be?

As we worked to introduce the Avengers section, we quickly realized that the portals were such iconic entrances and something that we could perfectly translate into our world. Our design team had so much fun using lighting, lasers, and fountains in new ways to introduce our Avenger heroes. After all these years of World of Color, I’m still amazed at the creativity and passion the team has to bring new stories to life in new ways.