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Avatar: The Waterway, James Cameron’s sequel, really doesn’t stop there: Also beaten Star Wars: The Force Awakens Best Picture

Avatar The Force Awakens

Avatar: The Way of Water He doesn’t stop there: in the last few days James Cameron has already become the director who managed to place 3 of the 5 best collections in the history of cinema in the all-time world box office rankings, including the first Avatar and Titanic, but it’s also for him another record has already arrived.

In fact, in the past few hours, the Avatar sequel has actually hollowed out Ranking of the best tall horses of all time in addition Star Wars: The Force Awakenswill the fourth highest-grossing film in the history of cinema down to fifth behind the first Avatar (2.9 billion), Avengers: Endgame (2.7 billion) and Titanic (2.1 billion) and the first film in the new Star Wars trilogy directed by JJ Abrams.

We’ll have to wait until Monday for the official dates, but Deadline has already reported that Avatar: The Waterway has achieved different box office in its seventh theatrical weekend in the US 16 million dollars only on American soil. Thanks to this data, the film will dominate and pass on the top of the ranking of the best weekly earnings for the seventh weekend in a row $2.072 billion worldwide (vs. the 2,071 with which the first film starring Daisy Ridley ended its run in 2015).

By the weekend, Cameron will also smash another record against another Lucasfilm film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, making it the 11th-best-grossing film of all time on North American soil. In Italy, Avatar: La via dell’acqua was undermined during the week by the new film of Me Against You, which left the podium, but thanks to yesterday’s earnings it has regained second place thanks to another 113,000 euros collected in the Belpaese, and is getting tighter now Italian target of 43 millionwhich he is expected to cut by Monday using the current weekend (currently at 42.5 million euros).

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Source: Deadlines

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