Avatar    The Water Way, who is Spider’s mother?  The truth behind the character revealed [FOTO]    Best Movies

Avatar The Water Way, who is Spider’s mother? The truth behind the character revealed [FOTO] Best Movies

Avatars 2 spiders

Among the news from Avatar – The Way of Water what will also prove fundamental in the continuation of the franchise is certainly the character of be crazy. The young person born on Pandora as well as son of Colonel Quarich has proven faithful Na’Vi and to the family of Jack Sullybut many questions remained unanswered about his past.

One of them affects the other half of his family tree: Who is Spider’s mother? This problem was almost completely ignored in the film JamesCameron very close to the $2 billion mark, but the answer comes from other products in the franchise. in the prequel comic avatars: The height not only her identity is revealed, but also how she died.

Edited by Dark Horse and set 14 years after the events of the first Avatar, the Register reveals that Spider’s mother’s name was Paz Socorro and was an RDA (Resources Development Audition) Scorpion pilot featured on Pandora. In The Way of Water, Colonel Quaritch casually mentions her when meeting his son miles/spiderbut not much is said about them.

In The High Ground, on the other hand, the love story is played out with the villain of the saga Stephen Lang and the fact that Miles is by all accounts the first human native of Pandora (HERE). His story ends tragically on the day of Big battlewhen he gets on board his plane pierced by an arrow and that’s how he finds his death: at his side a photo of the little one Spider still newborn (HERE).

The fact that the mother died during the attack on the tree Omaticaja It doesn’t seem to have elicited any hard feelings from the young Spider, however (if he’s aware of it): the boy still seems to blame all of what happened on his father, despite a partial overture that also included him led to save his life at the end of the path of water. However, Spider then chose to return to Jake Sully and thus become part of his family.

Will he stick with this idea in the next avatar as well? Will the truth about his mother come out and make him cheat? All the questions we have to wait for the third chapter are now confirmed through the mouth of Cameron himself.

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