Avatar 3, James Cameron changes everything: Jake Sully will no longer be the narrator!  Latest News    Best Movies

Avatar 3, James Cameron changes everything: Jake Sully will no longer be the narrator! Latest News Best Movies

Now that it’s official that the saga of avatars will surely continue with a third chapter, JamesCameron begins to reveal some details about the story. After announcing the arrival of the Na’Vi Fire Tribes, the Warden let it be known The perspective of the story will also change.

During an interview with the podcast Soundtracking with Edith Bowman, Cameron opened up about who will be narrating the next bit of the story Pandora. So far, the narration voice and the point of view taken by the director have been those of Jake Sullyformer Marine and now played by Avatar Sam Worthingtonbut things will change.

“When the dust clears, I’ll take a moment to assess what people loved about this outing and what they responded to the most. I could go back and change things up, a few moments here and there,” Cameron said. He added: “It won’t be radical, but I could tweak things a bit to emphasize what people respond to best. Eg, Lo’ak really emerged as a character for people so that I could find a way… He’s already the narratoroh, I say too much.’

The Avatar director then gave fans a little spoiler, but he doesn’t seem too concerned: “It’s okay, I think it might be fascinating for people to think about what’s to come.” The point of view of the story is therefore destined to pass from father to son, the second born who survived the events of The way of the water. Rebellious but deeply sensitive (as her history with the proves Tulkun Payakan), apparently it will be up to him to lead us into new adventures. But that is not all.

“Jake was our narrator for the first two films, now we have a different narrator for each subsequent film. We’re going to see them through the eyes of different characters,” revealed Cameron. Who could these new characters be? Other members of Jake Sully’s family?

We will at least have to wait for the answer December 20, 2024estimated release date from avatars 3 (already almost completely shot). The blockbuster filmmaker also added a deadline Omaticajato the Metkayina and with the new fire tribe we will continue to encounter two completely different cultures in the future.

La Via dell’Acqua is still in cinemas around the world, but James Cameron seems decidedly cheered by the success and is ready to launch the Avatar 3 advertising campaign: can you already feel the hype building?

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