Australia tries to save researchers at remote base in Antarctica

Australia tries to save researchers at remote base in Antarctica

The Australian Antarctic Program launched an operation on Friday 1st to rescue a scientist with an “evolving illness” at a remote base on the polar continent. According to the government agency, the ship RSV Nuyina left a port on the island of Tasmania to search for the researcher, whose identity was not revealed.

Due to the winter weather conditions in the region, an airlift was not possible. According to the BBC, the scientist’s medical problem was also not disclosed.

However, the ship is equipped with a helicopter and had to be prepared for weeks before starting the journey. The Australian Antarctic Program also added that the researcher’s family would be informed of everything and that other people at the country’s scientific base were safe.

About 20 people currently live at the Casey base, one of three Australia maintains on the continent. The ship has to travel 3,000 kilometers from Hobart in the state of Tasmania. Due to the remoteness of the location and the winter weather conditions on the continent located in the far south of the world, operations of this type are considered extremely complex.

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