1664739766 Aurora Ramazzotti gives birth to a boy grandparents Eros and

Aurora Ramazzotti gives birth to a boy: grandparents Eros and Michelle at the gender reveal (organized by Sara Daniele)

Aurora Ramazotti and companion Goffredo Cerza You will have a boy. The 25-year-old spotted it today during the gender reveal party organized by her childhood friend Sarah Danielle. Taking to social media, Aurora shared several snaps from the party where she discovered the gender of the baby she’s carrying and limited herself to a simple comment: “Thank you everyone, we love you.”


Aurora Ramazzotti pregnant, the unborn child will be a boy

Present at the event are friends, relatives and of course the future grandparents Eros Ramazotti and Michelle HünzikerIn one of the published photos in a nice hug with his daughter. Aurora then had a special thought for Sara (Daughter of the Unforgettable) in her Instagram Stories Pino Daniele) which, as I said, is the spirit behind this party: «My sister, you organized this wonderful day, I love you».

The announcement of pregnancy

Ramazzotti made her pregnancy official on September 23. She has also made a short film in which she, sitting comfortably on the bed in the bedroom, traces all the times when it was written or rumored that she was pregnant. In the sketch we see Goffredo Cerza, 26 – her partner and father-to-be – bringing her donuts and cheeseburger, but she doesn’t like it and complains that the sandwich wasn’t what she wanted because it needed bacon. Then Goffredo asks her: “Aren’t you pregnant?” And Aurora can only answer: «Yes, dear, but can you? Look what we have set up, then all of Italy will know about it».

The video, in an ironic tone, is both a criticism and a different way of announcing the pregnancy: criticism because it is clear that Ramazzotti, who reads about a possible pregnancy every year, is annoyed by the intrusions on her private life, and an announcement because she is being targeted gossip, and the gossippari, has announced that she and Goffredo will soon be parents.

“We wanted to apologize to all the friends we’ve had to deny something to this month – Aurora wrote in a comment on the video – when the news broke it wasn’t time to publicly communicate it. That’s how it went! ». «For those who understand, for those who hear, for those who see. I love you », adds the influencer and then specifies that Goffredo was not «abused» for the making of the video and finally the usual thanks to those who made the video and provided the location.

Taking to Stories on Instagram, Aurora then shared backstage moments and in one of them it’s her and Goffredo, he shuts up: “My love is a man of a thousand talents, I’ve discovered he’s a very good production assistant and takes it on Shut up I don’t even tell you ».

Aurora Ramazzotti gives birth to a boy grandparents Eros and