Attilio Romita in the storm on sexist phrases: stop him

Attilio Romita in the storm on sexist phrases: stop him

The former Rg1 bust says of Nikita, “I wouldn’t bite off her thong”. With Oriana, on the other hand, “I’m ready for a ride.” Someone intervenes

Posted on: Jan 19, 2023 09:49:00Atilius Romita

Source: Mediaset Infinity

The spectators are shocked recent statements by journalist Attilio Romita against some of the Big Brother house’s competitors. the offensive sentences in fact, they represent a real one Objectification of girls’ bodiesone demeaning vision of the female figure which cannot have a place (without consequences) in generalist television.

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The sexist comments

From the rooms of gf vip Attilio Romita, he allowed himself some questionable comments about Nikita Pelizon, during a conversation with roommates Oriana and Sarah, later joined by Luca Onestini (left speechless, strangely unlike the two girls). In fact, the journalist said, “I can’t imagine it myself a sex thing with Nikita. It doesn’t bring me blood. I wouldn’t think of it the desire to bite off her thongbut not at all.” Many fans on social media were of course outraged by these statements. Some users commented on the short video clip: “Attilio could be your daughterdisgusting and embarrassing,” he wrote, for example a user on Twitter.

But unfortunately the story doesn’t end here. They were actually much heavier the words reserved for Romita Oriana Marzoli not long ago, during the live broadcast of Big Brother during prime time. “I’m ready for a spin‘ the journalist said to the competitor, which of course infuriated the young South American: ‘I won’t talk to you anymore. Our relationship ends here. You’re a pig”.

Then the girl overcome his hatred of Romitaby placing a stone on it. But similar circumstances arose when the reporter made a few comments about Sarah Altobelloof which he said: “I couldn’t afford to walk around at dinner with the people I usually meet even for work, with such a fru fru companion“. Romita later apologized for this sentence alone. But maybe an apology is enough? We don’t think about it at this point.

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