1672727134 Attilio Romita all hell breaks loose quotGood for aquotshocking phrase

Attilio Romita, all hell breaks loose: "Good for a…"shocking phrase

Attilio Romita all hell breaks loose quotGood for aquotshocking phrase

Atilius Romita protagonist of a slip again. The former conductor of Tg1 once again protagonist of a fiery controversy in the house of Big Brother Vip. After allegedly flirting with Sarah Altobello that led to his split from his partner, Romita once again infuriated the entire social media audience. What embarrassed him was a phrase confided to another competitor in the house during a conversation between two friends. “Very pretty girl, but what’s the point? I think she’s someone she likes to go for a walk with.”

Ouch, ouch, come on: cries of pain in the night, fall of Big Brother

In these terms Romita spoke Orianatalked to me in the garden Daniele Dal Moro. All hell broke loose on social media with accusations of machismo, sexism and snobbery. And many have asked for immediate disqualification.

Without underwear, so.... GfVip forbidden for minors: delirium at night

But apparently, Big Brother’s ban isn’t going to come, and in fact, Romita is going to stick with it At home. Most likely, in the next episode, Alfonso Signorini will devote a direct rebuke to Romita to get an apology from the former Rg1 head and shoulders to Oriana and to the whole women’s world. In short, the Gf is getting more and more fiery and new twists are not excluded.