Attention: This new scam causes great harm to motorists, be careful!     Once upon a time there was a pub

Attention: This new scam causes great harm to motorists, be careful! Once upon a time there was a pub

If you just pass Your summer holidays in Catalonia, be careful ! The region’s highways are teeming with thugs. They also established a new way of robbing motorists. More is said in this article.

On summer vacation in Catalonia?

During this holiday season, the only things that count for us are sun and beach. We want so much to slip into our bathing suits, take pictures and dive into the sea. Catalonia is one of them one of the most beautiful travel destinations to enjoy their vacation. But beware, many scammers are waiting around the corner.

There’s nothing worse than losing your money in the height of summer. And especially if you have been saving all year to visit another country. So always be careful with people you meet along the way. In addition, this Saturday, August 6th, Les Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan Police, Tourists warned who plan to come to Catalonia.

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Summer vacation and flat tire

Through a video shared on Twitter, they showed motorists the new approach this scammer. The first target of these clubs are car tires. Like a hunter, they watch the road so as not to miss their prey. When they find a prime target, they tail them discreetly.

When the motorist stops, either at the toll booth or to take a short break, the criminals intervene. One of them gets out of his vehicle to leave puncture their victim’s tire. Thus, the latter will not be able to go any further. Once the driver stops to see what’s going on, they pretend to offer help.

As he puts himself in the role of the Good Samaritan, the other begins to strip off everything that is in the victim’s car. 30% of highway robberies happen this way.

Fraud: The distraction method

That should be emphasized It’s not the only technique who use these goons to achieve their goals. Like every summer, many tourists use the road. Their most common method is distraction. Yes, yes… As a wolf never travels alone, one of them starts to distract the driver.

For example, he tells him that there is a problem behind the vehicle. And as the driver follows him to see what’s going on, another one comes along and loots everything in front of the car. Finally, a third person arrives by car, picks up the first two actors and away with what they stole.

The only way to avoid this theft is lock your car every time you come out

The Irish Fraud

There is another technique scammers use every summer. It’s the Irish scam. No more flat tires, no more theft of stores from the vehicles. This time, the scammer relies solely on his acting talent. In fact, it is its purpose ask the driver for a large sum car he meets on the highway.

The criminal plays on the sensitive chord with these goals. As a result, couples with children are in focus. You have a lot of empathy for people who travel alone. Once he stops them, he makes up a story. Most of the time it’s a car breakdown. He even shows them a picture of a broken down car to make his lie believable.

Finally, after detailing his “problems,” he asks for a certain amount of money, which he promises to reimburse. Except in truth, once he gets the sum, he’ll never come back. To avoid this, you should not do this just don’t give money to a stranger.

If he insists, call the police immediately. Always be careful because evil is everywhere. Also, the police have trouble locating them because they never hit the same spot twice. Be careful when taking the road to Catalonia. Be careful and beware of scams.

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