At the age of 4 he spends a heavenly holiday in Mauritius with his parents, it will be the last    once upon a time

At the age of 4 he spends a heavenly holiday in Mauritius with his parents, it will be the last once upon a time

Ozair Ali passed at the age of 4 a dream vacation with his family during his stay at Hotel Lux Belle Marre. On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, he bathes with his brother in the facility’s swimming pool. When his father realizes that the youngest is in trouble, he quickly gets him out. As reported by the Scottish Daily Express, Ozair Ali drowned in the swimming pool the hotel. According to the Mirror, the little boy will be transported to the Flacq district in the east of the island. The doctors of the hospital Dr. Bruno Cheong tried everything to keep the little boy alive. Unfortunately, death followed.

A holiday you will never forget

Ozair Ali, his brother and his parents arrived in Mauritius last June. You will stay at the Hotel Lux Belle Marre. They wanted to spend a nice holiday there and only thought of returning to Scotland on July 4th.

Before getting back on the plane, the small family was keen to taste the exotic specialties of the island. For a few days, so they enjoy the tropical landscape. The hotel has very nice corners. When the young couple wasn’t going into town with their children, they spent a lot of time there.

On Tuesday afternoon, June 28, 2022, the family will start their fourth day of vacation in Mauritius. It’s pretty hot that day. So they decide to stay at the hotel Swim in the beautiful pool of the establishment while you enjoy the sun.

The day of the tragedy

Everyone sat quietly. Little Ozair Ali was playing with his 7-year-old brother back then. His parents were also nearby. No one ever thought the story would last a relatively dark twist.

At some point, the child’s father notices that his son is beginning to have trouble breathing. The police report states:

“He swam in the hotel pool with members of his family when he was nearby [14 h], his father remarked that he was having trouble breathing. He was immediately taken to a safe place. »

The emergency services are alerted immediately. The ambulance of the rescue service (SAMU) arrived at the scene of the accident very quickly. The little boy is then taken to the hospital dr Bruno Cheong in Flacq.

A little angel is gone

All of the nursing staff stopped to revive the little Scot. Sitting on the hospital benches, the family always wanted to believe that Ozair Ali would get out of there. Despite this, reality planned something else for this family. After every possible effort, this tragedy will take this little boy away forever.

Shortly thereafter, his body is taken to the morgue of Dr. AG Jeetoo transferred. it is dr Prem Chamane from the forensic police who will be doing the autopsy. He attributes the boy’s death to one Suffocation by drowning.

A void in her heart

Painfully, his father said he had “lost the nicest boy in the world. “After the autopsy Little Ozair Ali’s body is repatriated by plane to Scotland. His family is devastated. They thought they were recharging their batteries to get back together. Unfortunately, the spot where the little angel was supposed to be sitting is now occupied by someone else.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) helped them with repatriation. The Hotel Lux Belle Marre too sad about the tragedy recently held in his sign made a press release on the subject. The management of the facility is ready to offer all the necessary support to this family during this difficult ordeal.

Another incident in the same hotel

A few days before this terrible tragedy, the hotel experienced another catastrophe. It was a major fire, the flames of which were particularly devastating. Luckily nobody died that day.

The causes of this incident are still unclear. Until further notice, the police have declared the hotel temporarily closed. An investigation is then conducted to find out the real cause of this fire.