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At least three dead after Michigan shooting gunman killed

After shootings at the University of Michigan with at least three deaths, the alleged perpetrator is dead. ).

University of Michigan

AP/Al Goldis

There is no information about the identity of the alleged perpetrator of the crime. So far, the motive for the crime is still unknown. Police believe the shooter acted alone. There is no more danger to the public.

The man opened fire in a university hall last night, police said. After the first shots, there was a second attack elsewhere on campus.

five injured

Five people were taken to a hospital with injuries, some with serious injuries. Several buildings were evacuated. “Run, hide, fight,” the university said in an initial warning to students and staff. The alert was lifted after the alleged shooter died.

More than 50,000 students attend the University of Michigan, according to the official website. The campus in the city of East Lansing covers over 21 square kilometers.