At CNH renewal, Tadeu nearly crashed into Boninho’s Rm Porsche

At CNH renewal, Tadeu nearly crashed into Boninho’s R$1m Porsche

While the BBB 23 immunity test was taking place, moderator Tadeu Schmidt had problems with the DetranRJ when renewing his license. It was spotted by others sharing the waiting room while the Transportation Authority’s system failed to return to normal.

BBB moderator reports difficulties with the DMV system  Playback / Instagram by Tadeu Schmidt  Playback / Instagram by Tadeu Schmidt

BBB moderator reports difficulties with the DMV system

Image: Playback / Instagram by Tadeu Schmidt

After the premiere, after a night of drinking after the immunity test, which one is good for Tuesday morning? Go to the DMV to renew your license! Worse still, the system crashed and I couldn’t complete the process!”.

Afraid of being berated by Boninho for an episode in a parking lot

Boninho with his Porsche 911 Turbo S  AgNews  AgNews

Boninho with his Porsche 911 Turbo S

Image: AgNews

Did your license renewal come at a good time? A memorable episode with Tadeu Schmidt was when he vented on his Instagram profile after parking his MercedesBenz A200 next to a Boninho Porsche when he arrived at Estúdios Globo.

In the station’s yard, the presenter reported that he almost “slammed himself” onto the side of the boss’s sports car. To that end, he said he was particularly careful about dealing with the space between parked cars.

I arrive here at Globo Studios and discover that I have parked my car next to Boninho’s car. And the fear that gives, folks? Imagine if I scratch the man’s car, the extent of the damage. There are many surprises!” he joked.

Any body budget for a Porsche of BRL 1.5 million would very easily add up to tens of thousands of reais. THE UOL Carros already prepared the offer for components for a Porsche Cayenne. Do you know how much a left headlight costs? BRL 48,000. A whip of the optical set costs R$ 3,000.

Though Tadeu didn’t reveal whether the model in question was the 911 Turbo S or the Taycan Turbo S, cars that had already turned up in Boninho’s garage both cost more than R$1 million and would do even more damage if repaired dish.

Boninho has a Ferrari worth R$5 million

Boninho and his millionaire Ferrari  AgNews  AgNews

Boninho and his millionaire Ferrari

Image: AgNews

About a month ago, Boninho was spotted for the first time in an exclusive R$5 million Ferrari 296 GTB. The busting was done in a mall as soon as he got out of the car. Even added together, the two Porsches that have already been published by Globo do not reach the price of the Italian super sports car. How is the car?

  • It is made in the Maranello factory
  • The car has only two seats and arrived in Brazil in December.
  • It joins the director’s car gallery, which has already appeared with the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Porsche 911 Turbo S
  • Its engine is a 663 hp V6 3.0 Biturbo mated to a 167 hp electric propeller.
  • Together the engines achieve 830 hp and 75.5 kgfm of torque.
  • The top speed is 330 km/h.
  • The transmission is an eightspeed dualclutch automatic derived from the Formula 1 transmission.
  • It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.
  • It has two supply connections: one for gasoline and the other for charging the battery.

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