Asia Argento turns the page: Who is her new love Michele Martignoni

Asia Argento turns the page: Who is her new love Michele Martignoni

A woman’s smile is the most sincere and true thing to admire. That from Asia Argento she tells us of a newfound serenity after a difficult period that she faced stubbornly, with the combative air that has always characterized her. The actress has been through a lot and today, at the age of 46, she got her life back on track. And under the hot summer sun, she enjoys a moment of simple and pure happiness together with her daughter Anna Lou and a man we’ve never seen her with before: Michele Martinoni.

Asia Argento on vacation with Michele Martignoni

Blonde hair, a jaunty look, and that smile that’s a manifestation of pure joy. Asia Argento showed his Instagram followers in great form and wanted to enjoy a few moments Relaxation and recreation by the sea accompanied by his daughter Anna Lou Castoldi, who comes from the relationship with Morgan and to whom she is very attached. The yellow and black bikini highlights the actress’ curvy body, which is peppered with her many Tattoos like the canvas of a living artist. That’s all within the norm, if the actress didn’t show something between one shot and the other Complicity with a young mannext to which we had never seen it before.

No secret, it actually seems that the actress’ intention was precisely to scream her own to the world newfound happiness, also thanks to Michele Martignoni who marked the photos. These family vacations give us the impression that theirs is one already established relationship and this glorious Asia felt the need to hide it no longer. Michele is a young and handsome man with a bright smile and a charming gaze.

Away from the world of cinema and entertainment, Michele Martignoni is originally from Rome and is famous for it one of the greatest Italian MMA champions, martial arts, which consists in the union of several martial arts. Very young, the beautiful blue-eyed Michele, at 26 years old, his struggles and his victories have already earned him a nickname that says it all: The Italian Thunder or “the Italian Thunder”.

Asia Argento is happy again after the darkest time

The life of Asia Argento could be the plot of any of the drama movies we have seen her in. Irreverent, rebellious and bad girl par excellence Ever since she was very young, behind her strength and character has been a past of drug and alcohol abuse Violence that has long been silent but that she finally managed to tell and ultimately also about the loss of loved ones. Asia only had to say goodbye to her mother Daria Nicolodi two years ago and even before that she was struggling with her disappearance of his great loveAnthony Bourdain who decided to take his own life.

We fall, but every time we find ourselves on the ground in despair, we must take the opportunity to get up and take back the reins of our lives. This is how one could sum up the “moral” of this tumultuous and troubled story, of which Asia is the undisputed protagonist. A heroine who made a mistake retraced his steps and in the end she managed to find her smile again.

And it doesn’t matter if the usual scandal of the past hour is pointing the finger age difference with Michele. The actress is 46 years old (47 on September 20), he is twenty less. But what matters is the real feeling that unites two people stronger than ever according to the images shared by Argento.