Asia Argento, here’s the new friend: Michele Martignoni, wrestler and 20 years her junior

Asia Argento, here’s the new friend: Michele Martignoni, wrestler and 20 years her junior

Asia Argento finds a smile in the arms of Michele Martignoni, Martial arts (MMA) champion and new love for the actress, who posted footage of her beaming on Instagram. Twenty years lie between the pair, a number that doesn’t seem to scare the new couple, who smile by the sea and are close.

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Asia Argento heres the new friend Michele Martignoni wrestler and Asia Argento presents new boyfriend Michele Martignoni

Asia Argento celebrates a year without alcohol: “I was at rock bottom. That’s how I stopped drinking”

Asia Argento finds the smile in the arms of Michele Martinoni. She was forty-six, he twenty-six, and two smiles that go beyond the twenty-year difference that separates them. Silver has always had older men, but things are different this time. From both her Instagram posts and photos, she seems to have finally achieved a new awareness and serenity.

On Instagram, the actress published her new love with the martial arts champion, and then formalized it, and in her stories, which the athlete promptly shared, in which they lie by the sea, you can read the lyrics of the song “Your kiss is like a stone “.

Asia Argento and the problems with alcohol

A few months ago, Asia Argento celebrated a very important moment in her life on Instagram
a year without alcohol. “Today I have a year of sobriety – he wrote in June – For those who know me, who have read my book or who have simply followed me through these 37 years of career and public life, they have known this since I was a young child I was a girl I tried to fill an innate void made up of fears, egos and character flaws first with substance abuse and then alcohol I tried to drown the sorrows into oblivion but after a while they learned to float. “My anxiolytics turned into sedatives. I was already sober from 2013 to 2016 but then I had a relapse that lasted 5 years where I really hit rock bottom in all my senses but mostly mentally.”

Who is Michele Martagnoli

In MMA, Michele Martagnoli is called “The Italian Thunder”. In fact, in the 2018 fight against Simone D’Anna, the Italian Thunder recorded one of the fastest knockouts ever: a flying kick after just seven seconds. And he has a personal best of 7 wins and 1 loss.

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