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Asia Argento “Bourdain was ill, they want to blame me”

An unauthorized biography, DOWN AND OUT IN PARADISE, out this month in America (the New York Times published some excerpts last week), which would also include the latest text messages between chef Anthony Bourdain and his partner Asia Argento the night before his suicide 2018 in France is causing a stir.

Asia Argento Bourdain was ill they want to blame me

The Final Days of Anthony Bourdain: An Unauthorized Biography attempts to unravel the motives that may have driven the Parts Unknown celebrity’s suicide. (HAND)

Among other things, she would have written “Don’t break my balls”. “We were an open couple – explained tonight’s guest actress Mara Venier on Sunday in – those who made the messages public are vultures, and there are many around a famous person. Those who sold them will deal with their karma.” Argento emphasized on television that she is now calm: “Life is wonderful, I am grateful for life, even with the pain and obstacles, turning poison into treatment and knowing how to stand up every time, that’s what I’ve learned. And that’s it.” true. I wanted to tell Anthony that tomorrow really is a different day. Asia Argento opened up about her relationship with Bourdain, how her children Anna Lou and Nicola were attached to him and suffered for this death. “It left quite a void, I had to learn how to live without an arm,” he said. That last night “Anthony had been drinking, he had the drinking problem that I had too. He had called me, he had also spoken to Anna Lou, I was happy because I was about to start X Factor, I didn’t want to stay down”.
The photos of Asia with someone else came out, “but I told him about it, we were an open couple. It was strange in that phone call, it wasn’t jealousy. If you take your own life when you are depressed, suicide is an extreme gesture, but those who do it want to end this moment, they don’t want to feel bad anymore”. Is the intention, by publishing these text messages, to help Asia the “I suppose, but it’s an understatement: He takes his own life because I betrayed him? He was a great and fragile man who was very ill, he was depressed. His daughter, I, mean.” Children have suffered, we must transform this poison, I will transform it into my remedy. But it is an endless well. Now stop crying, we have cried enough.” “I’ve been sober for a year and a half. With Anthony we shared to be alcoholics we supported each other with a dark sense of humor we were very alone but two alcoholics drown together.” During the program the voice of Morgan, her ex and father of Anna Lou, e.g u hear expressing her proximity to Asia: “You will always have my respect and complicity”. “It was a caress for the heart,” commented Asia Argento live. The actress returned to acting “to be born again” and publicly announced her relationship with Michele Martignoni, a martial arts champion. “I have been with him for some time, I owe him a lot for my current serenity, he is a chosen one. My great happiness “. As for the director’s father, Darione, as she called him, “is part of me and me by him. They are an extension of his worst nightmares.”