Ashley Ann Cariño, Miss Fajardo, will be the new Miss Universe Puerto Rico

Ashley Ann Cariño, Miss Fajardo, will be the new Miss Universe Puerto Rico

Ashley Ann Carino Barreto She came to Miss Universe Puerto Rico (MUPR) as one of the favorites and today she managed to become the next representative of Puerto Rico in the 71st edition of Miss Universe.

The first runner-up was Dorado. While the second finalist was the candidate from Cataño.

“A woman is empowered when she believes in her and says you are there for her. Believe in yourself and what you have to give. There is no one who has your story and that is important. Be firm with what you are, because you will destroy the universe,” was the answer given by the new Sovereign in the final phase of the competition.

Cariño Barreto is a graduate student in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Central Florida. Her dedication to children led her to develop a mentoring program to introduce elementary school girls to science, math, engineering, and technology.

The 27-year-old beauty is a licensed psychosocial therapist. She currently works part-time at Insight Behavioral Health Specialists, where she primarily works with children.

Throughout the competition, she remained the nominee to win this edition of MUPR. She is no stranger to the world of pageants, having been the second runner-up at Miss USA last year, where she represented the state of Florida.

The group of five finalists was completed by: Fajardo, Aguadilla, Toa Alta, Catano and Dorado. After questions from the jury, the group was reduced to three candidates: Catano, Dorado and Fajardo.

To the rhythm of Vida by Jencarlos Canela, the top 3 of this edition of the competition gave the final look so that the jury could choose the new sovereign.

top 5

Peter Amador, THE SPEAKER

After a month of preparation, 28 women searched for the scepter that will lead them to represent the island in the next edition of Miss Universe, in search of the sixth universal crown.

Applicants were prepared through workshops and conferences offered by the local organization.

This edition, the first directed by Yizette Cifredo, brought together girls with experience and others with little knowledge of beauty pageants.

Coamo, Edith Enid Bernardi Santiago; Salinas, Kiara Rosado Romero; Rio Grande, Susanlee Forty Vazquez; Vega Alta, Diana Carolina Sostre Navarro; Luquillo, Danelly Olivo Figueroa; Catano, Camille Fabéry Diana; Deputy Mariana Torres Bernard; Camuy, Katherine Santiago; Toa Alta, Valeria Pagan Masini; Fajardo, Ashley Ann Carino Barreto; Orocovis, Elaine Marie Rosado Rivera; San Juan, Raishmar Carrillo González; Barranquitas, Sarah Angely Rodriguez Rios; Dorado, Leonela Gonzalez De Jesús and Aguadilla; Graciela Berríos Barreto advanced in the search for the MUPR title.

Miss Universe Puerto Rico

The group of 15 semi-finalists was selected by a jury in advance.

Peter Amador, THE SPEAKER

The swimwear parade had an innovative concept by presenting full and two-piece long-sleeved swimsuits to the contestants. The swimsuits were created by designer Tammy Hernández.

Later, the jury selected the group of 10 finalists who had the opportunity to parade in gala attire. This group consisted of: Toa Alta, Dorado, Vega Alta, Fajardo, Coamo, Adjuntas, Catano, Aguadilla, Salinas and San Juan.

Victor Manual - MUPR

The Sonero de la Juventud, Víctor Handbuch, livened up the night with the single Let the Drums Sound.

Peter Amador, THE SPEAKER

Barranquitas nominee Sarah Angely Rodríguez won the Woman of Valor award won by the outgoing Queen Michelle Marie Colón last year.

The 15 semi-finalists were selected by a jury during the pre-competition at the Tapia Theater. Tonight they were judged by a new jury made up of Melina León, Yolandita Monge, Jeimy Osorio, Byankah Sobá, Ada Monzón, Mariana Vicente, Joe Bonilla and doctors Ortiz Espinosa and Portocarrero.

Estefanía Soto, MUPR 2020 and journalist Julio Rivera Saniel were in charge of managing the event.

The day began with a performance by Gloria Trevi to the rhythm of Todos me miran and the presentation of the beauties. The show featured the participation of Victor Manuel performing his single Let the drums sound.

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